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Gameplay in slow motion?

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Posted (edited)

So I was watching some extended gameplay and I noticed something strange.




There are parts of this video that clearly look like they are in slow motion. Timestamp 8:50 for example

The speed of projectiles, the rate at which the player falls, and even the glory kills look like they've been slowed down. This doesn't look like it is at the same speed that the game was shown at during Quakecon.


Even E3 had this issue! Although the big arena fight seemed ok, the brief montage they showed before it looked like it was in slow motion. See for yourself. (timestamp 3:30)




For some further hub-dubbery, compare the arena segment shown in the E3 video to that same arena in the 10-minute video. The latter looks completely different. I'm hoping that this is some slow-down rune or maybe even some video issues making the game look bad. 


From what I am seeing, this game isn't looking consistent in it's speed. Hopefully I am crazy and I am seeing things. What are your thoughts?

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I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary in regards to game speed.

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Posted (edited)

I think I read somewhere that there are places with Moon gravity, so maybe that is why it appears to be as if it is in slow motion.

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