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Defining properties for multiple Textures


I have about 2 hundred over sized textures and all I need to do is rescale to all to 0.5, I can't find a way to do it quickly enough so far when I look into the wiki, I'm supposed to define all of these 200 textures individually.

There must be a way to do apply the 2 scale to all of them...

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it lowers the quallity of the textures, I've been trying to write a python script to create a textures file for me if I get bored with it I'll go for this I guess

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that went faster than i expected. had to install the pillow module but I have a clean looking texture file now.

if anyone's interested, here's the code I wrote

from os import listdir, chdir
from PIL import Image


cats = listdir()

Textures = str()

done = 0


for cat in cats:
	for texture in listdir():
		width, height = Image.open(texture).size
		Textures += "texture "+cat+"\\"+texture+", "+str(width)+", "+str(height)+" {\nXScale 2\nYScale 2\nPatch "+texture+", 0, 0\n}\n\n"
		done +=1
		print(done, end="\r")

file = open("TEXTURES.txt", "w")

when I'm allready at it, as you can see I put textures in subfolder, to make it easier to navigate in gzdoombuilder, am I supposed to name the whole of the path to it? I'm worried the whole thing won't work at all with subdirectories

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