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Any Doom 2 Megawads that "Begin with Doom 1"

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I'm looking or I wonder if there's Megawads that exist that the first half first starts off with only the Doom 1 cast which the Doom 2 enemeis and the SSG don't show up until much later in the megawad?


Although the only Megawad that fits this description so far appears to be Eviltech: Soul Of The Megawad although I wonder if there's others though...

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Thanks @HAK3180 for remembering!  I designed a WAD called 'Birthday Bash' where you start in DOOM2 inspired levels, but have to return to UAC in the middle third to find the BFG, fighting only Doom 1 monsters to fit in with the concept. But you do have a super shotgun...

If you're interested you can find a download link and more info here:


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