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FBK 2018 Modification Wad

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FBK 2018 Modification Wad


this is a modification wad that has new customizations for a megawad of FBK 2018, megawad by Kris Occhipinti. Lists are provided of what's in the modification wad.



* What is included *


Map names:


MAP01: Carnage

MAP02: Corridor

MAP03: Laboratory

MAP04: Charisma

MAP05: Rampage

MAP06: Stages Of Pain

MAP07: Extreme Showdown

MAP08: Tormented In Lava

MAP09: Outdoor Access

MAP10: Carnivorous Temple

MAP11: Infinite Pain

MAP12: Suffering Lab

MAP13: Unexpectation

MAP14: Long Way Of Glory

MAP15: Corruption

MAP16: Consumption

MAP17: Bridge Conduction

MAP18: Variations Of Pain

MAP19: Caved In

MAP20: Citadel

MAP21: Torture

MAP22: Traumatized

MAP23: Ticket To Death

MAP24: Temple Of Hordes

MAP25: Chained

MAP26: Consumed

MAP27: Neutralized

MAP28: Destruction

MAP29: Hall Of Pain

MAP30: Hell's Breakdown

MAP31: Halls Of Nazis

MAP32: Walls Of Cyberdemons





After completing MAP15, you will be sent to the secret map of FBK 2018.




Lump that's provided for HUSTRs, text stories, and background flats.




Lump that will define the customizations for the Eternity engine.









The original Doom 2 textures in the wad of discovering and preventing HOM for PrBoom.




Title Screen Midi by Jeremixh

Music choices by Jeremixh










FBK 2018 (Megawad by Kris Occhipinti)


Google Drive Link (Modification Megawad by Jeremixh)


Title Screen:



FBK 2018 (One File Added):

DOOM 2_ Hell on Earth v3.82 8_20_2019 4_41_20 PM.png

DOOM 2_ Hell on Earth v3.82 8_20_2019 4_42_57 PM.png

DOOM 2_ Hell on Earth v3.82 8_20_2019 4_45_02 PM.png


FBK 2018 Modification Wad (Two Files Added):

DOOM 2_ Hell on Earth v3.82 8_20_2019 4_47_14 PM.png

DOOM 2_ Hell on Earth v3.82 8_20_2019 4_48_06 PM.png

DOOM 2_ Hell on Earth v3.82 8_20_2019 4_48_35 PM.png

Edited by Jeremixh

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