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Eternity 3.42 ignoring .deh files

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I have been using a older version of eternity so I can use autodoom and this is fine and well, but I want to play chex quest using it, chex quest is fine, no graphics problems (aside from some graphics that are wrong) however enemy’s drop ammo and weapons and I want to stop this. The only way is to use a .deh file that’s on the Id games archive so I want to load it in, however, the deh file is ignored and they still drop ammo, I have tried using the in game menu, the config file and the wad config file but it ignores the deh file. I have also tried putting it inside the wad. I have exhausted all possible options that I know of. I want to use autodoom but it only works with 3.42 and would prefer to not upgrade if possible. Is there some sort of menu option to disable enemy drops?

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AutoDoom is a standalone (separate) executable, but true, it still shows up as Eternity when run.


Two problems I see:

  1. AutoDoom remains out of date because it's not being worked on at the same time as EE, despite it being basically Eternity-with-bot.
  2. The most intuitive way to load DEH files doesn't work on that AutoDoom.

I have to see how to fix them. Currently not 100% sure about just merging AutoDoom into Eternity. Maybe it will work when the bot can be presented as a "featured addition" that doesn't steal all the focus. And also when it doesn't add overhead unless actively used.

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