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Spawn powerup once instead of random item?


Hi there.


I'm working with a tweak mod for classic I/PWADs, and I want to make a feature to spawn "Allmap" on every map. I want it to spawn if it doesn't exist on map instead of any small item (armor bonus, health bonus, stimpack, medikit, shells, ammo box, clip, etc). And only once.


Engine: GZDoom. ACS, ZScript, Decorate.

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ZScript solution:


version "4.2"

class AllmapSpawnHandler : EventHandler
	override void WorldLoaded(WorldEvent e)
		static const string ClassNames[] =
			// more here
		// Supposedly LevelCreateActorIterator is faster, but I don't think
		// it works with tag 0
		ThinkerIterator it = ThinkerIterator.Create();
		Array<Actor> actors;
		Actor mo;
		while(mo = Actor(it.Next()))
			// Don't touch actors with a tag
			if(mo.tid != 0)

			string cn = mo.GetClassName();
			// Stop if there's already an allmap in the map
			if(cn == "Allmap")
			// Check if it's an actor we're ok with to replace
			for(int i; i < ClassNames.Size(); i++)
				if(ClassNames[i] == cn)
					actors.push(mo); // Store all valid actors in an array
		for(int i=0; i < actors.size(); i++)
			console.printf(string.format("%d: %s", i, actors[i].GetClassName()));
		// Chose a random actor. Hack: skip the first one, since it's apparently
		// the ammo the player gets at start. There must be a better way
		mo = actors[Random(1, actors.Size()-1)]; 
		Actor.Spawn("Allmap", mo.pos); // Spawn Allmap at the actor's position
		mo.Destroy(); // Destroy the original actor

Example attached.


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I tried doing this but the script refuses to run on the first frame of the actor for some reason, only works when I manually execute it, don't know why:




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@tempdecal.wad two bugs here. first, second argument to `ACS_NamedExecuteAlways()` is map number, which should be 0 in your case (otherwise the script is simply scheduled, and never executed); and remove last "0". second, coordinates for `SpawnForce()`are in fixed-point, so you have to multiply them to 65536 in decorate code.

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