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SiFi270's little addons you might find handy?

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Posted (edited)

At first this thread was for translated Heretic enemies so you can tell the melee and fireball-throwing types apart, but then I figured it could be an all-purpose addons thread like some people have. Below is the original post from when it was just the Heretic thing.



This is a patch for Heretic that makes the Gargoyles and Golems green by default, and then has the projectile throwing variants closer to their original colors. This requires a source port that supports .hhe patches, and the only ones I know of are Chocolate, Crispy, and others derived from Chocolate. For Chocolate, your command line should look something like this:

chocolate-heretic -merge gargolt.wad -deh gargolt.hhe -hhever 1.3

And for Crispy Doom you just replace "chocolate" with "crispy" and "merge" with "file".


One known issue is that if you kill a projectile throwing monster, its gibs will still match the colors of the melee-only version. I don't think there's anything I can do about that.


edit: If you downloaded this before this message was here you'll have a version where the fire gargoyles are yellow instead of red. Downloading again should fix this.


gargolt.rar - The original reason for this thread. I'm currently planning an update where I do something similar for the exploding pods and add ZDoom support because that should be really easy. In the meantime, look in the spoiler above for instructions.


chexsbar.rar - Doom-style weapon and ammo lists on the Chex Quest status bar! @NightFright did all the hard work here. Check out their super versatile version for the ZDoom family.


More to come? I kinda hope so.

Edited by SiFi270

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hey i know this thread is 6 years old but have u updated and not told anyone??????? if so this is a realy hlepful bump!!!!!!!!!


No wait that might get me another shitposting warning. I just want people to know that I've repurposed this thread and it has new stuff.

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