Hi doomers   My latest map is now in the wild. Let it wreak havoc! Big thanks to @noisebloom and @Super Mighty G for testing.   Download it from the idgames archive   (note - this replaces map10) Description: A bad feeling runs down your spine as you scale over the perimeter wall, entering the base. Nobody answered the doorbell, and comms are down too. You were hoping the base partially survived the demon onslaught, hoping for a bunk bed and a hot meal. You prepare to make your way into each of the three underground structures. Demons beware, hot lead is the only meal you bastards are going to get! Additional Credits to: All of the playtesters that offered excellent criticisms and advice: noisebloom for the detailed ammo and monster balancing notes, and Super Mighty G for the FDA. Your feedback were invaluable. Style : Exploratory Theme : Tech-base with hellish elements. Stock vanilla textures only Difficulty: All skills implemented Game : DOOM2, limit removing port required Map # : Map10 Mode : Single Player May Not Run With : doom2.exe and Chocolate Doom (gives visplane overflows) Tested : PrBoom-Plus / Crispy Doom 5.1 Play time : ~15 to 30 minutes Jumping : No Crouching : No Freelook : No / not required