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Any improved options for converting Doom maps to Quake?

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I was wondering what options there were for converting Doom maps to Quake maps.

Looking around, I do see at least two tools to try to convert the geometry, but the threads I found are going on a decade old, so I'm wondering if options have improved since then.


Honestly, I'm not really interested in a full-blown map conversion per-se, but a reasonable solid tool to convert the geometry.  Making quake maps is a bit of a time-consuming process, compared to Doom.  I was thinking it might be worth it to create sections of a map in Doom (especially for rapid prototyping, to an extent,) and then import them into a quake map and finish out the details there.  There would be limitations, to be sure, but if there was a solid-enough conversion tool it would still be faster to craft shapes in Doom Builder than to erect and adjust six or more brushes per simple box.


I really kinda wish there was a more intuitive way to craft 3D shapes for quake maps.  I've seen some modern tools that work very well, and even Unreal Ed was less involved with the use of subtractive brushes.  But all the editors for Quake maps (especially that actually work with Quake 2) are just rooted in time-consuming non-intuitive designs.

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