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Ok guys I'm using GZDoom and GZDBuilder. When I play my maps my skies have a giant void in the center sky. I've tried to change the size of the pic but it didn't help. Any ideas?

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That's the way DOOM displays the sky.

After all, as in MAP01, the sky image is just a 256x128 flat texture, which is repeated 4 times for NESW. The top of the sky is simply DOOM pulling the dominant colours from the top of the image and simulationg a sky. As in




And that only happens because G/ZDoom have the capability of mouselook.

In the original DOOM/2 one just looked straight forward and that hole in the sky was never visible.


If you want a full sphere of a sky then you have to resort to a 3 or 6 sided skybox, as in




Everything is explained in the WIKI and/or have a look at this tutorial



recently there were two threads asking about skies


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