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This is my perhaps 3rd wad I have posted on here. This is just a lil map I have created on here before I could get started on the rest of the maps. I plan on making atleast 5 or 8 maps to see how much I can fit in.


I have used SLADE and GZDOOM BUILDER for it.

tested it with ZDOOM 


I still am using my laptop since gzdoom was too much for the thing.


I have tried to work around with Hmp so it might be a little unbalanced.


Texutres Used

Doom Potpourri Textures:https://realm667.com/index.php/en/texture-stock-mainmenu-152-97360/55-doom-style4/1107-doom-potpourri-texs

Music:White Illusionary Traveller 


will plan on changing it soon.


Also apologies if the map may have seem rushed during some parts. 

Have fun




Edited by CrocketRocket : typo

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Nice level, the only complaints that I have is that the first large door has a misaligned texture, and that the yellow door should be made more obvious that it's the yellow door.

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Spectacular work, especially considering you're a beginner! The level of detail is great, not absolutely overwhelming but with something interesting in each space with a good mixture of styles as you go through the base. Great use of angles, different heights of ceilings and so on... I'd definitely love to see this worked up into a full episode.


I recorded my playthrough here (unfortunately I forgot to get it to record the sound coming from Doom) - I hope that it gives you an impression of what it's like coming at it for the first time :)



This video was sponsored by the Send Lawyers to Hell appeal! Playing Doom WADs to raise money for RAICES.


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Did a playthrough of your map.



Very solid little level. Few little things I noticed was a doortrak which wasn't lower unpegged and a once only usable door which I'm not sure was meant to be one use only. I also missed a few kills and I'm not sure where the monsters were! Very nice map though.


Edit: I watched the video above and saw the section I missed. Very E1 type of area - Not required for progression, but rewarding if you visit it. Even though I missed it, I like it.

Edited by Magicana

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Really good stuff, the detailing is just awesome. i only noticed the same issues that others have already mentioned so no point for me to mention them again.

Here is a gameplay video of my playthrough, no commentary. I have also played your previous maps but i think you have seen those already


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