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The Dark Tower Movie - Why are there so many harsh critics?

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As a child I used to read almost only Stephen King and loved his writing style and novels. Which ones did I read, let me rehash "The Running Man", "Rose Madder", "Shining", "Firestarter", "Carrie", Pet Sematry", "The Mist" and as well as a couple of short stories. 


I also watched the movies "Shining", "Pet Sematry", "Carrie" and the beginning of "The Mist" and now "The Dark Tower". 


The Mist was the worst one. There was a totally unnecessary kissing and sex scene at the beginning which didn't even occur in the novel. They just bastardauzed the novel with that movie. 


Why the harsh critics to The Dark Tower? Just because there are no sex scenes? Just because there are no nude scenes? It is ridiculous how critics usually favorize sex scenes. 


For some reason, the movies I like usually always get a bad rating. 


Also the critics, I read a few... for fucks sake the novels consists of 8 books. 8 fucking books it is a surprise that they were able to put so much details into one movie already! How about appreciating the effort instead of just mindlessly shitting on it? 


I really dismiss critics in general. They are usually always wrong and write bullshit only.

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I didn’t think the movie was really all that bad. The problem seemed to be that they wanted to fit everything into one movie instead of focusing on one book. It seemed to be loosely based on specific books in the series.


I really liked Elba as the Gunslinger. Matthew was pretty good as the man in Black too. I wish critics hadn’t been so hard on this.

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