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List of Ultimate DooM episodes NOT as part of megawads?

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A little while back there was a thread someone else started for a list of megawads replacing all 27/36/32 levels. But IMO that kind of wad is actually relatively easier to find because they are (nearly) all walled off in the /megawads folders. What I actually find harder to get a quick listing of is episodic replacements. Of course this includes DooM II episodes as well but to keep it simple (since a DooM II episode need not have a specific number of levels) I'm only considering Ultimate DooM, sorted by the episode it replaces, for the purposes of this list. Are there any you can think of that should be added?, I could easily have missed or forgotten some. As the title implies - should only be ones that are a single episode wad - not part of (or subsequently becoming part of) a megawad.


Episode 1:


Return to Phobos

Fava Beans

Nine Rings of Hell

Nuke Mine

All For One

Debut Episode

Dawn of the Dead

CH Retro Episode

Phobos: Anomaly Reborn (plus E2 scraps)

Mercenaries Demo

DooM Redemption

Phobos Revisited

Classic Episode 2: Singularity Complex


Knee-Deep in the UnDead

Double Impact

Danne's E1

Phobos Massacre

20 Years of DooM


Beta Labs

Return to Hadron

Absolutely Killed

Alpha Accident

900 Deep in the Dead

No Sleep for the Dead (+E2M1)

Outbreak of Evil

Shotgun Symphony

UnDeath 94

Deadly Standards


Episode 2:


Aliens TC

Slaughter Until Death



Classic Episode

Operation Lightning

Back to Basics

Deimos Deja Vu

Foodles' E2

Deimos: Slight Return

Dark Side of Deimos


Return to Hadron E2 (not a megawad...yet...)


The Becoming

The Deimos Incident

Deadly Standards 2 (alpha ATM)


Episode 3:


The Evil Unleashed

Army of Darkness TC

Nine Levels of Hell

Inferno (by Lutz)

Back to Hell

Infernos (by ReX)

Project: Notebook (never uploaded to idgames tho...;(  )





Episode 4:

Episode Hell


License to Spell DooM

Draft Excluder

Ultimate DTWID


Shows as Episode 5 in start menu:

The Lost Episode

Visions of Eternity

SIGIL (except E3 when using the compat.wad)

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I've been doing runs of Doom 1 episode WADs for a while, so here's a few I can think of just from going through everything I have:


Episode 1:


A New Nightmare

Akce Korian

AR (not on idgames AFAIK)


Castle Phobos





Doom: Awesome, Episode 1

Door To Hell

Double Imp Act (not to be confused with Double Impact, of course)

The Far Side of Phobos

For The Love Of DOOM 

Goetia 1

Grim Sense of Humor

Illicit Engineering

Industrial Techware Doom

In the Mess Of It

John's little dream world for DOOM 1

Kneedeep (not on idgames either, but it's on the DSDA)


Last Hope Of The UAC

The Lost Worlds


No Hope For Life Epsiode 1: Back To the Fight

Phobos Outpost (a.k.a. Planet Phobos)


Small doom1 E1 episode

Sons of Ares

Special Operation Force



Train Station: Episode 1




Episode 2:


Beyond Horrible

Dead Zone


F_Episode 2

The Good, The Bad, & The Architectural

Hell Clash

Hell Run

I Can't See Shit Without My Glasses

Into The Unknown

Kansam's Trial

The Parallel Dimension

Planet Hell


Super Patate 2000

The Wastelands



Episode 3:

The beginning of the End Part II



Moon Chainshaw Massacre



Episode 4:


Crap Speedmapping Episode 4


I'm not sure if any of the Favillesco episodes would count, because they're not contained in a single megawad, but all of them combined would replace all of Ultimate Doom.

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Wow...thanks! I don't think I'll copy the whole list into mine (unless you'd like me to) but can definitely refer to both lists combined. Tons I missed...mostly lower quality stuff (from a quick glance) but perhaps some gems too. F_Episode 2 = Foodles' E2 BTW

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Thanks, guys! I was searching for a list like this for a long time. I like to play Ultimate Doom more than Doom 2, but there are not enough (yet) 36 levels megaWADS for it, so i was searching this one to assamble my own UD replacement.

One amazing configuration i made by now is the one that can be assembled with the 4 episodes named in ''Top 100 WADs of All Time'' list. Return to Phobos, Slaughter until Death, The Evil unleashed, and Crusades make a totally new and interesting approach to the game.


Also i want to mention the Death Tormention serie, by Paul Corfiatis. Every episode on the WAD was firs release individually. Death Tormention 1-3 are episode 4 replacement. Simply Phobos is a Episode 1 replacement.

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