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Marine Doppelganger Concept

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I've been kicking an idea around lately, and since I don't have the expertise to do it myself, I thought I'd just share it in case anyone else wanted to give it a shot. Also, it may already exist, and if so please lemme know.


I was imagining a new enemy consisting of a redesigned Doomguy model meant to be the Nega-Doomguy, if you will, in a fight sort of like the doppelganger fight in Symphony Of The Night or the shadow fight in Zelda II. He could be given the moving frequency of the Arch-Vile with cranked up speed, and his attack could be a re-coloured Arachnotron plasma shot (coloured blue/white to resemble the Plasma Rifle). Or he could just be built mostly from the base of the Arch-Vile and just recolour his flame attack green to resemble a BFG blast.


I'm sure it'd be quite a task to create, but the idea intrigues me.

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In this page of the realm667's bestiary you have 17 marines that you can download and incorporate to your wad via SLADE3. They are tagged as bosses and friendly things so they will not shoot at you but to your enemies. To avoid this you can simply go into their decorate file (there is a single big file for all of them) and delete the +FRIENDLY line in their flags section (it is shown in pink if I remeber well).


Or, of you are working in GZDoom builder you will find, in the thing section, a subsection named "marines" where you can find some marines armed with different guns (but I'm not sure if this section is present in every map configuration or only in Doom-in-hexen/UDMF)

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