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Facing the Spider hidden in Mastermind?

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I was reading this page https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_(Original_Game_Soundtrack) where it mentioned that, for Mick Gordon's track "Mastermind" from Doom 2016:

"Contains several themes reprised from other tracks, including "Rust, Dust & Guts", "Flesh & Metal", "BFG Division" and "VEGA Core". The closing note is the opening note of "Facing the Spider" played backwards."


I tried scouring the song for that Facing the Spider opening note but can't find it anywhere. Doesn't seem to be the first note, last note, reverse, forwards, anywhere. Do I just have terrible ears, or is this referencing a specific spot?

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I believe it is a reference to the 8 second long note at the start of E3M8's song: Facing the spider... eventhough they sound nothing alike... (says a lot about how bland DooM 4's music is).


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I understand which part it's referring to in E3M8, but what I mean is that I don't hear anything like it (backwards or forwards) in Doom 2016's Mastermind.

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20 hours ago, DynamiteKaitorn said:

(says a lot about how bland DooM 4's music is).


Take that back.

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