Hey everyone, thanks to positive reception of my past work I decided to start working on a mappack/megawad. Ofc the ultimate goal is to make full 32 map megawad, but for now I would like to do 12 map megawad divided into 2 episodes that represents act 1 of planned story.   And because I cannot guarantee if / how much of the project will be completed, I will be updating this thread with maps and info about the progression rather then try to make a bigger chunk of maps at once. Maps that will be made are not unnecessarily in the "final" order and for now should be played with pistol start in mind.   All maps will have jump and crouch disabled by default. Freelook is allowed (even personally recommended), though not necessary. It requires GZDoom to run. Tested on 3.6.0 and 4.1.2.   Download the 2 map demo Shallow World 2MD   Maps: Map 01 - Day 0 - previously released map that is now part of this project Map 02 - Fleshworks (Screenshots)                                      That is all for now. Thank you for your time and have fun.