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Starman the Blaziken

Freedoom-to-Chocolate Doom map 30 issues (As of what I seen)

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I was trying out Freedoom on Chocolate Doom since it was a "why not try it out" sort of thing, since I was just poking around with Phase 1 a bit, listening to the music while fighting the 3 chapter's bosses and got lazy and quit in chapter 4 when I fell into a toxic pit (While forgetting the idclip cheat). So I went to Phase 2 and instantly went to map 30 with The Jaws of Defeat being there of course.

Problems are when I took a look at the boss is well, apparently due to the normal sound limitations of ye olde Doom, too many monsters trigger and thus it is kind of impossible to listen to The Jaws of Defeat without noclipping from behind it, and even then I think the sound it does say all the words but does not finish itself at the very end before it just throws out a summony cylinder which makes an overlapping global sound (I recommend to adjust it to the timing when it finishes saying the backwards words).

Another bug is said summony cylinders have a tendency to not be aimed right, mostly be fired above their correct summon location, I think the one on the upper platform where the serpentcentipedes are, is fine. But the lower area where the bio-suits and spheres are, is the place where it is broken since the cylinders are thrown to the upper platforms, but the summoned monster is summoned to it's correct location.
Oh, and a side note, the lava textures that go up to the area where the Assault Tripod is, is bugged in individual rectangles, though all floor textures of the lava are fine.

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