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The "Heaven" plot seemed to have existed since Doom 3

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Ironically, and likely just unintentional coincidence, the first lobby you enter in Doom 3 has this poster hanging on the wall.


I just noticed it replaying Doom 3 on the switch (probably never gave it a second thought years ago when I last played doom 3). I double checked original 2004 PC version  to make sure it wasn't just added in todays re-release, so it's been there all along.


But seems UAC had intentions of getting a portal open to Heaven all along. Perhaps Doom 3's lore plays a bigger part of Eternal's lore than we might think? 


EDIT: seems the sky texture on the poster also appears identical to the sky texture for the 'Heaven' maps we've seen in videos of Eternal.





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I like it. 


The new Doom Hunter reveal trailer from QuakeCon had me thinking of Doom 3 immediately, as well. If that ain't Dr. Malcolm Betruger talking (explaining his creation of the Doom Hunter), then geez... they're sure as hell channeling the Betruger vibes. At least, to me.


Maybe the Maledict from RoE is still around?...




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Besides this, Doom 2 RPG also sort of referenced heaven with the Holy Water Pistol.

Can't think of another example of the series referencing heaven, tho.

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The Holy Water thing is pretty funny, given it literally comes out of the piping. Either someone's been flushing a lot of holy water, or simple tap water kills them off. Or maybe the gun somehow purifies the water into being holy?

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