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Bucky Seifert

Baby's First Level - Exactly that.

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This level is exactly as advertised. A simple Doom 1 level that replaces E1M1 with a short and simple map with a couple of secrets, made to get the hang of Doom Builder and hopefully move onto more interesting levels. Was intentionally made short so it could become something that I actually finish. Feedback is welcomed.


Google Drive Download





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Did a playthrough of your map.



The good: Had a real Doom 1 feel to it - Hints of things and areas you should be discovering (Green armor on the ledge for example). Ammo hinted that there were other weapons available (Which I didn't find, but did later in Doombuilder).

Layout was simple but one that works.


The bad: If you don't find the secret with the plasma gun, ammo is fairly tight. Lot of monsters that chew up shotgun shells (Demons and the Baron).

Lots of misalignments with textures - If you're using Doombuilder, there are hotkeys you can use in visual mode to try and line everything up. Mine is set as 'a' when hovering over the texture in question.


The ugly: Design wise, I hate the idea of using a door as an exit. It's too in-grown that you open the door and hit a switch.

Most of the doortrak textures (Or any textures that were connected to a rising/descending sector were not marked as lower unpegged. This means that when a door is opened for example, you can see the doortrak texture scrolling with it. When you mark it as lower unpegged, this doesn't happen.


All in all though, I love Ultimate Doom levels, and this felt like an Ultimate Doom level - So thank you for that :).

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Thanks a ton for the feedback, I'll keep all this in mind on my next level! This level was made to get feedback and practice so I really do appreciate it~

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I've completed your map on UV in 2.00 minutes, with 100% kills, 100% items and 50% secrets.


The map was a really short techbase with an external area, there were little opposition.


Starting with the visuals:

the first rooms were decently detailed. Nothing extraordinary but they gave me a classic sensation. Good work with the lighting in the room with the ceiling decoration. 

However, the other rooms where quite boring to see. There were little detail and poor light variation. The map also totally lacks of height variation. There were also texture misalignments that are impossible to miss. 

Lastly, you have to unpeg the door tracks or they will move with the door.


Thing placement:

there were no ambushes, and the enemy placement were simple. You enter a room and you kill the enemies (try to experiment with monster closets or teleport ambushes in your next work). I've noted a lack of ammo and the only thing that saves the map is the secret plasma gun (that is a secret, so in reality it doesn't count). Try to balance in a better way your future maps.

Also, regarding the secret, its linedef is not marked in the proper way so it is shown on automap as a door and it isn't really a secret (the correct tag is "not shown on automap" or "secret", depending on your editor)


General design:

nothing to say here. The map was really simple, with a key hunt and nothing more. There was backtracking but in such a small map it is not important. So yes, you have made a little map and its layout is not all that bad.


Overall a nice first map. There is a lot to work on but it is a good start at least

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