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zdoom effects list

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i am not sure about how many effect zdoom has. here is what i see.

all boom effects( i aint sure on that one)
most, if not all bug fixes of the doom.exe
3d effects
under/over spirits
deep water
swiming in water
weapons are editing more

if someone knows the whole list i would like to see it. i am curious how many effects the latest version has.

also what ports support 'TRUE' floor over floor

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Dehacked-in-wad. Not ZDoom specific, but...

Additional DEH/BEX codepointers, mnemonic bit-flags for Things, etc.

Scripting -- with creativity, there is very little limit to what effects one can create. Gooberman has even made interactive communication menus.

Another fake floor-over-floor method. Or, rather, the ability to use Transfer_Heights to make the old fake floor-over-floor methods look more real.

Additional screen-printing capabilities (in ACS). Custom fonts as well, so you can display any graphic on the screen to simulate a HUD or whatever.

All I can think of right now...
I suggest you read through the ZDoom phorums for more on effects and things people have done with them. It would be best to READ before posting, though, as nobody anywhere likes answering questions for people when the answers are just lying around...

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