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Shadow Warrior Mod for GZDoom and ZDoom (UPDATE - Beta 31)

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Beta 31 has many major fixes for online and offline use, and the Katana now mainly swings once for every mouse click.







-Crouching now checks for smoke bomb alpha, to prevent the effect from being stuck
after crouching and getting up (script 1008 & 1009).

-Fixed Riot Shotgun 1 giving no blood particles.

-Fixed Riot Shotgun 2 causing cut death.

-Fixed Riot Shotgun sprite alignments

-ONLINE FIX: By fixing the SW Rocket Launcher Alternate Fire Switching script (as noted below), it
also fixed 'Nuke mode' being given and useable after picking up the SW Rocket Launcher
during an online game.

-ONLINE FIX: Added shooting frames for 'Snout' crouching Uzi, which fixed shooting sound (if no sound is played or damage is given
to the target, then the player hasn't picked up an Uzi yet).

-ONLINE FIX: Firing GH1 continuously would formerly make its set position noticable before alpha change (script 1005 arg 2).
-ONLINE FIX: Evil Ninjas weren't translating due to spawn script being run at the same tic as translations. Added
delay to fix this (script 1042).

        -Grenade explosion flame bit death sprites.
        -Accursed Head mine detonation flame.
        -Blood trails.
        -Serpent God Accursed Head ring sprites.
        -Evil Ninja cut death sprites.
        -Coolie melee death.





-Fixed Gas Bomb inventory item use bug.

-Sumo Warrior / Boss fixes:
        -gas attack was giving sumo damage.
        -sumo target fire FLOORHUGGER flag now removed.





-Fixed half of monsters sleeping after player respawn and not reacting until shot or seen (script 1054).

-Fixed Smoke Bomb to check sight at player's view point (40 units) so that platform enemies
also take effect (script 1027). Also made it to run the script's for loop twice for every
35 tics so that no enemies ever target the player, even while crouching. Finally, fixed crouch Smoke Bomb alpha.

-Increased Accursed Head explosion radius twice (script 1038, arg 4).

-Increased Grenade explosion radius twice (script 1038, arg 1).

-Set the 6 different Katana swings into 4 different weapons so that it mainly
swings once after pressing fire and stops immediately after releasing it.

-Fixed Coolie Ghost attacking while invisible by making both fades go to wander frames, and by setting its
pain chance to 0 and making a script that checks its health and if its alpha is 1.0 (script 1047 arg 3, run by script 1029 arg 3 & 6).

-Fixed color translations for Brown, Shadow and Orange Evil Ninja.

-Made Baby Rippers' jump attacks just like Ripper's.

-Ripper size increased by 10% (radius 18, height 46, scale 0.72).

-Added new Giant Ripper and Big Baby Ripper sprites.

-Added decals for monster projectiles.

-Fixed 'Alternate Fire Weapon!' HUD message appearing after player death (script 1000).

-Fixed SW Rocket Launcher Alt Fire modes being given without Heat Seeker / Nuke Item by pressing slot 3 or 4
after picking up SW Rocket Launcher (script 1010 & 1055).

-GH 1 / 2 enemy flame now resets after another fire ball hits a target (script 1040).

-Fixed Serpent God throwing Accursed Head Grenades from map coordinate (0,0,0) and added runaway script
error prevention (script 1044 arg 4 and script 1048). Problem was due to an undelayed for loop condition
in script 1048 combined with a failed checksight causing the same Accursed Head TID to fire twice.










Download: (Beta 31)


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This seems to be a bit more regardable as an addon now that weapons are almost done being ported.

Edited by yorivdood

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