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I played the Mars Core demo ... a lot

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On 7/29/2019 at 1:54 PM, Zemini said:

Here is the default control scheme from the demo:


C - Chainsaw (however it is just a attack button and you do not actually wield the chainsaw anymore)

E - Punch, Blood Punch, Wall Climb, Use and glory kill.  The game will glory kill instead of blood punching a staggered demon in case you wondered.

R - Flamethrower

Shift - Dash

Middle Mouse Button - Lob Grenade

? - BFG and Crucible.


Binding so many things to E seems kind of strange.


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7 minutes ago, PopeRigby said:

Binding so many things to E seems kind of strange.



Not really, it's quick.  You're not really wall climbing in combat, so the two can exist separately on the same button.  Glory kill and use being bound to the same button opens up a key to use the flamethrower for shield shards.

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