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Sector not raising in limit-removing


Hey guys, got a question. Trying to make a kill trigger in a map but the barrier sector I have setup isn't raising to disable the effect. I had this linked with two other control sectors. Both of the other sectors behaved as expected and raised but this one didn't. I went as far as applying a new tag, redrawing the sectors and still no response. I've gone down a lot of the functions from Raise to Highest Ceiling to the floor lower hacks and it still down respond. The sector is disconnected from surrounding spaces to avoid conflict and the control sector's ceiling/floor heights are still within the dummy sector's range. Any help would be appreciated. Tested in Prboom. 








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Doom (Doom: Doom Format) is not exactly limit removing. Use Boom or some other port engine.


While you give us a lovely screenshot, I cannot help but be somewhat surprised that you expect someone else to deduce from it  what you have done in your map. If you want precise help then upload your map, else any idea about your problem is just a stab at clairvoyance.

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