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[McD] James

Favourite fighting game character per series

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This isn't based on who you play best with, just who you like the most. Series based on already existing properties (such as Dragon Ball FighterZ), spinoffs and crossover games don't count. 


Street Fighter - Sagat

Mortal Kombat - Noob Saibot

Fatal Fury - Geese Howard

Samurai Shodown - Mizuki Rashojin

Killer Instinct - Orchid

Tekken - Nina Williams

Guilty Gear - I-No

Savage Reign - Joker

Darkstalkers - Morrigan Aensland 

Clayfighter - Bonker

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Street Fighter - Vega

Mortal Kombat - Smoke

Killer Instinct - Glacius

Tekken - Kazuya



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Skullgirls: Ms. Fortune

Tekken: Alisa Bosconovitch

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TEKKEN: Roger 


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Street Fighter - Zangief

Tekken - Jack

Soul Calibur - Cervantes

Fatal Fury - Blue Mary

Art of Fighting - King

Samurai Shodown - Mina Majikina

Guilty Gear - Dizzy

BlazBlue - Rachel Alucard

Skullgirls - Eliza

The King of Fighters (Yes I know it is a crossover but sorry I can't resist) - Vice




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Mortal Kombat - Noob Saibot.

Guilty Gear - Eddie.

Darkstalkers - Gallon.

Street Fighter - M. Bison.

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That's pretty N/A for me. I just grew to like everyone over time in the last 25 years. I can't really be interested in a fighting game without using randomselect.

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SFII - Blanka

Mortal Kombat - Scorpion

Killer Instinct - Fulgore

Virtua Fighter - That old drunk guy

Tekken - The tiger-head guy

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Killer Instinct - Thunder

Mortal Kombat - Sheeva

Primal Rage - Vertigo

Injustice - Lobo

Soul Calibur - Lizardman/Aeon

Mace the Dark Age - Pojo

Tekken - King

Godzilla DAMM/STE - Orga



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For Street Fighters it sorta vary from game to game. I don't have a fav in each games I played though.

- Sodom in the Alpha serie

- Q in Third Strike

- Kinda torn between Zeku and G for SFV.


Q's probably my overall fav from design alone.


King of Fighters: King (including a crossover anyway)

Killer Instinct: Fulgore

Darkstalkers: Rikuo

Blazblue: Jubei

Under Night In Birth: Akatsuki



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Mortal Kombat: Scorpion

Tekken: Yoshimitsu

Soul Calibur: Nightmare

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Mortal Kombat: Smoke

Street Fighter: M. Bison

Smash Bros: Ganondorf

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Street Fighter 3rd Strike Ryu is probably my favorite out of any fighter. Up close Shin-Shoryuken is the absolute tits after a huge combo.


UMK3: Reptile or Scorpion

MKX: Tanya (Dragon Naginata is so fun)

Any of the MvC games: Spider-Man or Wolverine

Classic Kiler Instinct: Jago and Spinal

New Killer Instinct: Cinder

SFA3: Akuma or Sagat

Soul Caliber: Sophitia or Nightmare

Garou MOTW: B u t t ;)

The Last Blade: Yuki (I have a thing for naginatas apparently)


If Smash Bros counts, Samus or Ness.


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Street Fighter Alpha 2/3: Rolento/Sakura

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike: Dudley

King of Fighters: Terry/Ralf
Garou Mark of the Wolfs: Terry/Kevin (I call him blonde Ralf)
Marvel Super Heroes: Iron Man

Breakers Revenge: Tia

Tekken: King


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Hot babes go first:


Mortal Kombat: all babes but first place: Mileena. (as pronounced in MK2)

Street Fighter: Chun Li.

KOF (94-03), M.I: Mai Shiranui and B.Jenet.

Garou: B.Jenet.

Tekken2: Jun. Tekken3: Xiaoyu.

Battle Arena Toshinden: Ellis.

Bloody Roar: Alice, Jenny and Marvel.

Fighter's History: Ryoko and Yungmie.

World of Heroes: Ryoko.

Killer Instinct: Orchid.

Samurai Showdown (1-5 aka Zero): Rimururu.


Primal Rage 2 babes are hot too :)


Dude wannabe next:


Mortal Kombat: all dudes. Original Sub Zero/Noob Saibot (the most favorite)

Street Fighter: Ryu and Sagat.

KOF: Kyo Kusanagi. -Hehe, moetarou??

Garou: Rock Howard and Marco Rodríguez.

Art of Fighting: Mr. Karate.

Garou Densetsu/ Fatal Fury: Joe, Terry, Geese and Kim.

Tekken: Yoshimitsu and Kasuya. I also like the tiny dinosaur but I don't remember it's name...

Bloody Roar: Long, Sting and Jugo.

Fighter's History: Mizoguchi and Zazie.

World of Heroes: Rasputin (Secret Garden "fatality" is just brutal)

Killer Instinct: Cinder and Eyedol.

Samurai Shodown: Kyoshiro Senryo and Gen-an Shiranui.

Battle Arena Toshinden: Gaia and Eiji.

Primal Rage: Diablo.


I think these are the fighting games I've played. i must go for more in the future... Haven't played any fighting game recently... I'm very busy but I will.

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My list is pretty safe, but here we go.

  • Blazblue: Hakumen. I'm not deeply attached to any BB characters, but he looks cool. :P
  • Guilty Gear: Sol Badguy. Kind of a fun personality, and I enjoy playing as him most out of all the cast.
  • Killer Instinct: Orchid. Cool weapons and moves, fun to play as, great theme tunes. ("Touch me and I'll break your face!")
  • King of Fighters: Kyo Kusanagi. Great character design, satisfying to play as.
  • Last Blade: Yuki. A modest but appealing design, enjoyable gameplay.
  • Mortal Kombat: Raiden. IGOTASAAAAAW
  • Primal Rage: Vertigo. I would've said Sauron, but Vertigo looks and feels more original.
  • Samurai Shodown: Haohmaru. Few things in fighting games are more gratifying than landing his standing HP in CVS2.
  • Soulcalibur: Siegfried. I can't go wrong hitting people with a massive sword, and I like his design.
  • Street Fighter: Poison. Winning trans rights, throwing trans lefts--I'm down for that.
  • Tekken: Kazuya. A stone-cold badass with some of my favourite gameplay in the franchise.
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14 hours ago, Impie said:


Hot babe, and she's Mexican IIRC, I remember when I was 13 and a cousin of mine used to like her.



Damn, I also forgot Variable Geo: Kaori.... Yes Variable Geo, that fighting game where girls fight each other.


King of Monsters 1 & 2: that green goo/slime and Cyber Woo.


I love fighting games a lot... I hope to create my own fighting game someday.

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No love for World Heroes or Eternal Champions? I kinda wanted to say something about them, but I haven't played enough to properly judge. They were pretty rad though. 

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But... but I put my World Heroes favorites characters!!!!

I love Eternal Champions fatalities but don't remember any character now...


Way of the Warrior: Malcolm Fox.

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49 minutes ago, Gerardo194 said:

But... but I put my World Heroes favorites characters!!!!

I love Eternal Champions fatalities but don't remember any character now...


Way of the Warrior: Malcolm Fox.


Damn, my bad. Dunno how I missed that. 

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Street Fighter = Guile for me, military look with the tall hair has always been cool to me.


Mortal Kombat = Sub-Zero. The ability to freeze people is badass and I love the ninjas in MK.


Soul Calibur = Voldo. I only played SC2 as a kid but the character left a permanent impression.


This hardly counts, but in Super Smash Bros it’s Mario, Wario or Game and Watch. The roster is weird in modern Smash, half the fighters are generic anime swordsmen from games I don’t know that don’t fit in at all with oldschool Nintendo characters, but the totally disparate designs is humorous to me, especially when it’s a 3 foot tall plumber beating up on some realistically-proportioned 5 foot anime prettyboy with a bunch of flashy attacks.

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6 minutes ago, Doomkid said:

The roster is weird in modern Smash, half the fighters are generic anime swordsmen from games I don’t know that don’t fit in at all with oldschool Nintendo characters

Some of those dudes are from Fire Emblem a franchise from the NES era :P

And i think they added the Dragon Quest Heroes too :D

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Some of the Fire Emblem characters get a pass, but I liked how Melee did it where they were secret characters and it was just Marth and Roy. Something about the clash in art styles annoys my eyes for some reason though, it’s the same reason I could never get into Kingdom Hearts.

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Clay Fighter: Ichabod Clay for teleporting fun

Virtua Fighter: Lion had a lot of great, tricky attacks, though poor reach; Jackie close 2nd for being a general beast

Dead or Alive (3): Ayane wrecks shop; Bayman close 2nd with the fisticuffs. I miss games with long combos like this, though to be fair the three-quarter etc turns of the analog sticks in various rotations/starting positions was absurdly excessive in this game, but that did add a layer of skill beyond what a button masher could achieve. 

Mortal Kombat: Smoke for invis and other fun non-directly offensive abilities; Scorpion close 2nd for being well-balanced in various different attacks and such to keep opponents guessing. Those two aside, I also love most other chars and will happily play as them. I like to play as different chars each match to keep things fresh... and since most of them are basically the same anyway other than the meta of the character's moves to gameplay. Hot take: Sujinko was amazing in the game he was in for those stupid long combos. Remember how fun those were? :D A lot of modern fighting games, and MK is a great example of this, seem to have trended towards juggling opponents as a means to achieve combos, which I've never been much a fan of for the higher skill req than even the quarter turns or forward-backward-diagonal-weirdness of the analog sticks found in other fighting games. Apart from juggling it becomes a game of timing where each character feels, at least to me, like the typical "slow guy" character who's strength lies in timing the one big hit after another rather than getting some fun combos in.

Killer Instict: Speaking of combos... Cinder, though interchangeable for the most part.

MvC(2): Hayato is so fun to play as since he can dash through opponents and slash them if you also hit the attack button, which also sets you up for an immediate nice special move or combo from behind the opponents back; Wolverine close 2nd because berserker barrage

Soul Calibur (2): Necrid is like a static mix of all characters in that he has some moves that transform his weapon into, say, the giant axe of Astaroth or the bo staff of kilik, using their "swing" for the move. The way he plays for me seems like he takes some of the best moves from each character and combines them all into one Hell of a tricky character to predict; Charade close 2nd because random is fun and I always felt like his stats were buffed due to the inherent handicap of his random nature. I had the sexbox version so Spawn was also a favorite, as well as Mitsurugi.

Samurai Showdown: Galford and his adorable, blood-thirsty mutt

Street Fighter: I seemed to play best as Guile, but never really cared much for the series

Smash Bros: I only really played the 64 version and Brawl, so I can't speak much to Melee and I haven't tried anything newer than Brawl. Still, Zero Suit Samus hands down was so much fun to play as for the down-B move, jumping over opponents and cleanly giving them a powerful kick with great knockback. (or knockdown if they're in the air) For the 64, Samus had the single most damaging move with her up-A smash, which made quick work of stacking damage on healthy opponents and her backwards kick in the air sealed the deal. Link close 2nd in all games, though similar as with MK I'll happily play with almost any character and be happy.

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I rarely play fighting games but I do have a couple:


Street Fighter: Ryu and Guy. Ryu is vanilla and easy to use, but Guy is just freaking cool. Playing as him in Final Fight is such a delight as well.


Mortal Kombat: Scorpion and Sub Zero. Need I say more?


Tekken: Been a while but Eddie is kinda meme worthy due to his well known button bashing players.

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