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Origin of the OOF

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It might be silly question, but what is the origin of the OOF meme?


In discussion of Doomers, I sometimes see people throwing an Oof, sometimes an OOF with Doom font, when there is a displeasure or something for example.

Like "Oh, new Doom for the Switch but DRM?" and the other replies OOF!


Now, I don't know when the meme started but I think I've found one of the doom sound fx as I was extracting them, ending with Oof. And it was I think the sound effect where the Doom guy pushes a wall (or was it when he takes damage? Don't remember).


But I can't find the origin of the OOF meme and the Doom community. When I search "Doom OOF" on the internet I only get result about some Doom mod with Roblox death sound OOF. But is the origin of OOF from this roblox which I don't know what it is? Or is it from the original Doom sound effect name?


Writting OOF as a repsonse on Doom community is a norm, but I don't know where it came from, no history?

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11 minutes ago, Johnny B. Getgoode (The Guy) said:

Pretty sure the Roblox "OOF" sound is what started it...

I thought was the old minecraft damage sound that started it

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It's mostly the meme of the roblox death sound as something bad happening.

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51 minutes ago, Doominator2 said:

I thought it was the sound Doomguy made when he ran into a wall.

That's Uhm or Umh!

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