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Sector 147

E2M5 void glide non TAS

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Posted (edited)

I don't know if this would be useful for an IL run or an episode run of episode 2, but I was able to perform the void glide pretty easily, but I couldn't figure out the correct setup to hit the exit switch.



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Example demos with void glide exit recorded in prboom+2514 and Vanilla. It's cool and all but outside of very optimized TAS this route is a pretty bad option.


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Neat trick but I don't think this would affect the leaderboard at all, unless someone gets the glide first try and hits the switch extremely quick. Did some attempts, but none of them are quite up the task to even get near the records of the map. Episode 2 TAS records however could be lowered with this glide.


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Are there any other void glides that are done like this one and not like the ones in Doom 2?

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Posted (edited)

If you mean "easy" void glides that are feasible to do fairly quickly non-TAS, then yes, there are a fair number of them in the iwads and notable (and other) pwads. However, most of them are not useful, for a variety of reasons:

1) The exit cannot be accessed from the void.

2) There is no path through the void from the point where you enter it to where the exit is. Height differences block movement through the void.

3) The (rare) idea of void gliding back into the map at a useful point is not feasible.

4) The standard route is quicker in any case.


dew, JC, I and others have scoured many wads for possible shortcuts using void glides with the known standard geometries and have generally recorded demos where they are useful. We surely haven't found them all, but I dare say much of the low-hanging fruit has been spotted.


I don't have a list to hand, but this would be a good starting point:

https://www.doomworld.com/search/?q="void glide"&type=forums_topic&nodes=37&sortby=newest


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