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Multiplayer mod which lets one side play as Demons?

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Dear Doomfans.

I just came on the Idea that it were awesome to play levels against Human controlled Demons.

If u get Killed by the Doomslayer then you just take control over an other Demon near your Position. Like Left 4 Dead or if u know that old Perfect Dark from N64 which also had a mode like this.


I saw a Mod where the Marine is replaced by a Cyberdemon so it should be possible to create a wad like this.

For Example 4 Doom Marines versus 4 Players who control the Demons.


Does a Mod like this exist ?

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The was a popular one years ago called Master of Puppets.  I think there's also some zombie one that's still played occasionally on Zandronum servers.

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That looks great. but i have no idea which client is required and how to install it.


Any ideas? Its been over 10 years that i played Doom online.

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