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Hey all,

So after having played through Doom on PlayStation4 several times on Ultra-Violence and having just upgraded my PC to a machine that could run it smoothly, I decided to take advantage of the big iD software sale on Steam and picked up a copy for $11.00AU the other day.

Obviously the first thing I did was jump into a campaign of Ultra-Violence eager to explore the full fluid movement offered by the keyboard and mouse combination (which you simply can't replicate with a console control pad). I figured that by having the extra movement capabilities would make this playthrough easier than what I had already done on the PlayStation. Seemingly the opposite... even with the fluid movement, the game was more difficult than ever before. Areas that I knew very well and breezed through on the PS4 were now a real challenge. Maybe I was complacent? Maybe a little too overconfident going into it? Perhaps... but even after getting used to the new control scheme and my key layout... it still feels harder on Ultra-Violence and on PS4 at the same difficulty...

I found the immersion of playing on a PC to be much deeper too, which I think is attributed to being physically closer to the screen and the wider FOV available in the PC version. Anyone else played the game on different platforms and found any differences in the experience?

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