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I added some custom things in GZDOOMBUILDER and were working fine until now. Even though they appear in the thing menu, standard view, and visual view, when I test the map they don't appear. I added vanilla things such as a shotgun and a sergeant zombieman, the strange thing is the shogun appears but the sergeant did not. Even stranger, when in-game I successfully summoned the custom items via console command.

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Just to cover the simplest thing, do you happen to be testing the map on a difficulty level that these things aren't flagged for? Beyond that, it's hard to know what the issue might be without the WAD itself to look at, or pictures, or, just more information in general I guess.

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And also, are you testing the map with a custom stuff compatible port? (Zdoom for example)

If not, strange behaviours may occour. Monsters will not fight you, or not appear at all like in your case.

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Sounds like you're simply testing with the "-nomonster" parameter.


Press the small arrow in the "Test map" button, this menu will appear:




There are two groups of difficulties, the ones with the dead cacodemon next to them indicate that there will be no monsters. Just select a difficulty setting the the living cacodemon.

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