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doomish ideas

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i am sure many have thought about doing these types of mods, but here are some ideas of mine.
freeze sphere- inacts the freeze effect in zdoom for a few moments, leting u get the drop on monsters.

ammo filler crate- fills all ammo up

dead monsters give 5% health when killed

penalty items- hurt you for getting them, like a object that makes you move slower and demons faster, or making weapons weaker, perhaps giveing more power to demons, maybe removal of all armor. the list goes on

enemy effects and shit:
pain elementals can punch/scratch with small arms.

monsters can steal small health packs (stim packs and vials)
monsters use armor and weapons.

plasma cyber demon- launches plasma shots, yet slower than plasma gun.

chain gun arachnatrons

cocademons fire tracking balls, like renevant's

spreading rail gun, fires several shots that span out
exploding shotgun shells, shot explodes(can this be done?)
use monsters to help in a fight

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Exploding shotgun shells has been done in ICD
"Friendly" monsters ala Boom and MBF

Good ideas tho.

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