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Weird Thread idea: Your --->Commented<--- Top 10 megawads per decade

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You have to choose ten megawads for each decade (1990s, 2000s, 2010s). They do not have to be ranked within the decade, in fact mine are mostly in chronological release order as you'll sooon to find out. You have to give your personal short description/review of each entry, and then people can respond to or follow up on your picks and arguments.


Let me reiterate that: blanket lists not backed up by arguments are strongly discouraged. Reacting to and commenting on other people's choices is strongly encouraged.

Here are my picks are this moment in time.


-1990s megawads:


1. Cleimos 2.0

To my knowledge, the earliest 32-map replacement that isn't just a compilation of other WAD files. Very focused on puzzles and mazes, it has a very unique and interesting atmosphere.


2. Memento Mori

The quintessential early masterpiece. Has aged quite poorly, but still contains many moments worth experiencing.


3. TNT Evilution

The easier, and also messier, half of Final Doom, as everyone knows.It can be seriously irritating at some points, but overall remains quite solid.


4. The Plutonia Experiment

The more challenging and more professionally designed half of Final Doom. Its gameplay style is unique and a treat for those passionate about odl-school Doom.


5. Icarus: Alien Vanguard

Team TNT's freeware sci-fi adventure. Aside from a handful of obnoxiously obtuse puzzles, it's one of the most solid and distinct 90s mapsets you could pick.


6. Perdition's Gate

Tom Mustaine's attempt at a Final Doom contribution (unfortunately it was too late), with very unique visual themes and mostly great level design.


7. Memento Mori II

The TiC&Co crew's masterpiece by a long shot, Memento Mori II is probably the most consistent and and satisfying of all 90s megawads.


8. Hell Revealed

The (in)famous progenitor of truly hardcore PWADs. You all know it, you all have your opinion on it. I happen to quite like it, despite some undeniable flaws.


9. Eternal Doom

Sci-fi wad about traveling to a medieval fantasy land or something. Lenghty and sometimes puzzle-heavy (and not always in a good way), but overall a quality work.


10. Demonfear

Adam Windsor being Adam Windsor: levels that are short, unpretentious, and have stellar gameplay flow.

Note that I have not played Mars War, 32 Hours in Pain, or the Twilight Zone megawads. Some of those might have made the cut if I had.

-2000s Megawads:


1. 2002: A Doom Odyssey

A full replacement for Ultimate Doom. Good Doom-style levels. Not much else to say.


2. Alien Vendetta

Alien Vendetta has consistently enjoyed a reputation as one of the best, if not the very best megawad ever from the time ofits release up until today. I'm not necessarily cliaming that it is the very best, bust still, those of us who have played through the whole thing know why it has the aura it has. Even so, it's impossible to convey that in just a couple sentences. The true magnitude of this one cannot be understood without experiencing it directly. I will say one thing: if one particular megawad is "epic", in the proper sense of the word, then it would have to be this one. ...or maybe Resurgence.


3. Revolution!

Revolution is often lacking in raw challenge, but the level of professionalism in the whole thing mostly makes up for it.


4. Scythe

The quintessential template for the "modern old-school mapset". In that sense, perhaps, the one Megawad to rule them all.


5. Hell Revealed II

Hell Revealed's demented, inane officially endorsed fan sequel. This thing is absurd, but high quality enough for the rather poor decade that was the 2000s.


6. Kama Sutra

A more reasonable and down to earth Hell Revealed tribute than Hell Revealed II, to the extent that such a description even means anything.


7. Scythe II

Scythe's even better sequel and the template for Joshy's megawad style. Absolutely essential.


8. Plutonia 2

Plutonia 2 appeals only to a very specific audience, but seemingly does that as well as it possibly could have.


9.Whispers of Satan

Just a solid limit-removing/boom megawad. The 2000s don't have many of those to begin with, so hey, I'll take it.


10. Clasutrophobia 1024

The sequel to Congestion 1024, with the same gimmick bringing rather sleek levels in this case.

-2010s megawads:


1. Epic 2

Ancient Egypt and aliens, because why not. More importantly, this is Eternal's personality as a mapper distilled: levels that are beautiful, immersive, and cruel.


2. Speed of Doom

The biggest revolution since Alien Vendetta. Much like that one, Speed of Doom is known for its challenge and atmosphere.


3. ALT

One of the very few megawads to do something notable in terms of stroytelling, and overall a unique, fascinating experience to go through. The
clan BOS flavor is difficult to describe in words, I guess you either feel it or you don't.


4. Back to Saturn X E1,E2,E3 (WIP)

A limit-removing format megawad with a modern polish ? Forget that, how about a Doom2.exe  compatible triple megawad with modern polish ? Because of cpurse you do that. Features only top-quality mappers, and they deliver as usual. Still unifinished, unfortunately. I personnally hope the complete versiona adds more maps to E1 and E2, although I really don't think that's going to happen.


5. Resurgence

Speed of Doom set a new benchmark for abstract Doom-style environments and traditionalist hardcore challenge, and its sequel does the same butmore, and by my account does it even better. I'm quite partial to this entry, playing around with it never fails to be satisfying for me.


6. Going Down

A conceptual megawad featuring a lot of creativity, a completely unique identity, oh, and, yeah, it's absolutely brutal.


7. Valiant

The Doom Community's resident level design wizard, Skillsaw, schools you on how to do custom gameplay elements right.



Apply the description I used for Resurgence here, except on steroids and in a very different style.


9. Ancient Aliens

Skillsaw's latest masterpiece, and a one-of-a-kind work on top of that. As a bonus, and much like the admittedly very different ALT, it actuallydoes something worthwile with the narrative part. That's if you play the whole thing, but why on earth wouldn't you ?


10. Eviternity

Probably the most professional looking of all megawads to this point, and even if gameplay-wise it might not be quite the best one ever, it still fares pretty brilliantly in that department as well.


That's it, your turn. Or not, it's up to you I guess.

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