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Inheritance not working.


Posted (edited)

I've been trying to modify enemies through Inheritance in Decorate and it's not working at all. I made an Imp with extra health in Slade using "SuperImp : DoomImp replaces DoomImp" etc. Which didn't work at all. I exported the code as a .txt, opened it in GzDoom and it still didn't work. I then moved the code into the Decorate editor in GzDoom Builder and still nothing. I then copy and pasted the SuperZombieMan code from the "New Users Guide..." on the Zdoom Wiki into GzDoom Builder's Decorate Editor, then to Slade, then as a .txt and even thay didn't work. I tried summoning both my SuperImp and the SuperZombieMan during every single test I made to no avail. Is there a set-up step for applying inheritance that I'm missing? 



Ok so I've solved the issue of the code not working at all - I was not naming it DECORATE.txt - my new question is how do I get the decorate code to run in my GzdoomBuilder map? It works if I drag both the .txt file and .wad file to GzDoom together but not when I press the run button. I dont see a way to add the file as a resource for the wad.

Edited by HolyHominid : Main issue solved.

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3 hours ago, HolyHominid said:

how do I get the decorate code to run in my GzdoomBuilder map?

You don't have to add it as a resource. You have to create a new entry inside of your wad using SLADE, and then, inside this entry (select the entry, click on "view as text") you have to write your decorate code. Then you have to rename the entry and give it the name DECORATE. 


If you have done the procedure correctly and if your code is working you will find a new section in your thing tab in GZDB. This section is named decorate and will contain all the custom stuff that you have created and imported inside your wad via slade.


In other words, SLADE allows you to view your wad as a folder. You can take your decorate file and simply insert it inside this folder.

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