I wonder how long it'll last. The multiplayer, SnapMap, scores in Arcade Mode, player deaths in Ultra Nightmare etc.   Mostly because when an online portion of a game dies, you rarely get a situation where developers let the players still use these features in some manner, like for personal matches between friends and such. Or anything that allowed players to gain control of that, for a game they've bought with 60 bucks. And i don't think the source code of the game may ever be released. (or at least a version of it)   It's also because the multiplayer has a lot of cool assets and even lore in the levels. (which has kinda become an aspect of the series now) And i think SnapMap has some lore stuff too https://twitter.com/doomwiki/status/1077482280782888960 So i wonder how that's going to work out, because even though i didn't use much of these features, there's still some audiences for it (even if they're small) and a game or a portion of it dying is something really shitty.   I also recall hearing that even playing with bots requires internet, which in itself sounds ridiculous.     Doom as a franchise is associated with longevity and i feel like every entry in the series should be as alive as 1/2/Final/64 are. Even with the different tastes and aspects aside.   The same goes for Eternal's online functions like BattleMode because we never know what we could lose, but we do know it won't last forever.   Another reason to care about this is documentation and overall information, because Doom 3's multiplayer had a few power ups exclusive to that mode that don't really have much going on, in terms of documentation. At least for the Doomwiki. (there is no other "doom wiki", as far as i know) Which means even D3's MP needs a bit more care.   A crazy idea i thought of is if every map, weapon, item, monster, perk etc is thrown in a different mode/game that is an arena/horde mode where you can play offline solo and fight demons in a map you select etc. And i guess you'd get access to the skins costumization to. I'm still surprised they haven't considered a horde mode besides some SnapMap tools that let you do that.