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The DWIronman League dies to: 2017 Collection

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On 8/6/2019 at 9:35 PM, Suitepee said:



(starts at 17:49 into the stream, since I do Ironeagle #10 first)


Category 1 run, died on map 4 to my old nemesis for the 585858th time. Was a fun mapset to then go on and finish from my Doom wad request list. I look forward to the creator's run later this month....

Have you played it prior to or after an_mutt? 

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3 hours ago, NaZa said:

Have you played it prior to or after an_mutt? 


Based on an_mutt's comments during his stream about Suitepee having done this or that (Suitepee was watching and would comment), I think it is safe to say that he played it prior to watching an_mutt's stream.

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Posted (edited)

I'll cut to the chase and then expound later, for those who are interested.




Category 1

Dead on Map 01
Kills: 0/133 (yes, I died at the hands of the first revenant)


Good luck to anyone looking to best me in futility. My run lasted 30 seconds, and that's only because of an overabundance of caution that proved unnecessary. This has to be one of the worst performances in the history of the Doomworld Ironman League, but there's a certain beauty in its simplicity, one could say.


I will say this, in trying to go punchface with that first revenant, I think I did actually get 2 hits in (I know I got in 1 and then a good shot on the frame of the doorway), so all the blood shed, if you will, wasn't only mine.


Category 3

Dead on Map01

Kills: 61/133 (one other monster, likely an imp or a zombie, died to infighting after my demise)


Now, to expand a bit, as promised. I've been waiting to be able to post this. I recorded my blind run on August 3 and then spent the next week periodically playing and practicing different things. I finally reasoned that I could keep chipping away at this set for the rest of the month and get incrementally closer to my goal of finishing the first map, but, unfortunately, I don't have that kind of time on my hands this month, so I made a go of it today.


When Alonzo first announced this mapset and advertised it as a "wholesale elimination of weapons, throttling of ammunition, and a strong emphasis on situational awareness. A deep understanding of Doom's combat intricacies is required to keep pace with this unconventional set," I was not looking forward to it. Punching things is not my strong suit (witness my blind run) and I don't enjoy ammo and health starvation. I would also say that while I have a decent understanding of Doom's combat and its intricacies, understanding isn't my problem, rather, execution is the problem. I figured I wasn't going far in this set, and I was ultimately right. Before anyone starts thinking that a positive attitude goes a long way in these endeavors, I would say that I could approached this set with the most positive outlook in anticipation of ripping through it and I would almost certainly have met with the same, or a similar, outcome.


That being said, now, having played the set, I think it's definitely unconventional. Not in a "The Sky May Be" way, but it is not a standard "shoot the sergeant, get a shotgun, shoot the imps, shoot a chain gunner, get a chain gun, mow down demons, etc. etc. etc." type of set. I actually thought there was a decent amount of ammo to be had, especially if you don't try to kill everything and rely on some infighting (and other hazards). Visually, it was appealing. The layouts were nice and flowed well and the textures looked nice together. I did play the other maps and some of them were quite enjoyable. There's generally enough room to move, but you can still find yourself in trouble if you're not careful (hence the "situational awareness"). For example, I almost ran into an imp fireball from behind. I mean, it didn't come from behind me and almost hit me, I mean that it missed and I still almost ran into it because I was moving faster than it was and I was trying to run away from something else.


Looking back on this submission, I'm reminded of an exchange between a professor and a student that my wife witnessed when we were in college. She was in a high-level philosophy class (metaphysics, for those who are interested) and watched as a younger student who had a scholarship that allowed him to take any class he wanted, regardless of meeting the requirements talked with the professor.


Student: I'm interested in this material, but I haven't taken <course x or y>. I'd like to take your course. What do you think?

Professor: You haven't taken any of the prerequisites for this course. You don't have the knowledge base and are, as such, unprepared. I don't think you'll do well if you stay in this course.

Student: But you haven't seen my work.

Professor: Suit yourself. I need someone to fill out the bottom of my curve.


How does this apply to DWIL? I could imagine a conversation between myself and Alfonzo last May that went something like this:


Pegleg: I'm interested in participating in the Doomworld Ironman League, but I don't like to play maps on Ultraviolence. What do you think?

Alfonzo: You don't like to play on Ultraviolence. You don't have the requisite skill set necessary for these maps. I don't think you'll do well if you choose to stay.

Pegleg: But you haven't seen my work.

Alfonzo: Fine. Have fun. I need someone to be at the bottom of my standings.


I've actually been waiting months to work that story in to one of these posts. This one finally seemed like the best one, given my performance, particularly in the blind run. And would Alfonzo have actually said that? No. On the contrary, he has seemed nothing but welcoming, but I got a chuckle out of it.

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Posted (edited)

You're a gentleman and a scholar pirate, Pegleg. Your sturdy wooden prosthetic alone would buttress the competition but you choose to carry the league on your shoulders, instead. What spirit! A true hero of these forums! Songs will be written about your Ironman endeavors for generations to come, long after death has claimed you a final time and your shiny doubloons and trinkets have been melted down for scraps, or possibly expropriated by the authorities.


...Though the songs will have to be short, I think. To match the length of your demos.


0 monsters. An unbeatable record. Congratulations.

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I gotta tell you a story.

Once I was a boxer, famous around the universe by knocking out all demons out there for 3 maps and also, used the most sophisticated weaponry to decimate those skinny, golden magical being with flaming eyes. Until, a big muscular entity called the Cyberdemon was confronted, got one of those rockets in my pretty face. Then I remembered...I saw the most prized weapon of all time in one secret, recently discovered area. Greedy was all I thought when I experimented the most painful torture ever coming with a baron of hell and a revenant with that weapon in my hand....and so I found eternal rest looking at my assassin with my eyes devoid of life.


Basically folks, I got fucked lmfao...


Dead in map 05, punched by a boner, 238/341 monsters at 1h 24m. UV, all blind of course, done with GLBoom+

I had fun with this one. It was satisfying punching the bastards out there. Fuck lost souls for both times doing the kamikaze move while I was using the RL. 

This mapset makes that every single one of your ammo counts. Very tactical and strategical one. Liked it. And here's the demo.



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I've played this earlier last week but couldn't find the time to post about it here.

So here it is, a category 2 run.
I remember playing the last two maps, the layout of map 05 in particular is really nice.
Didn't remember the first couple maps at all though, heh.

I think I died at the very last trap, or somewhere real close to the exit... :/
That's a shame, considering the huge advantage I had due to continuous play.
Still, for a wad full of Tyson-style combat (which I despise), I'm somewhat proud of my performance.


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