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Cut The Chit Chat YT

How To Switch Gun Sprites?


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On 8/4/2019 at 9:50 AM, Cut The Chit Chat YT said:

im using slade btw


im working on a total conversion wad called "Postal TC"

i want to change the pistol to the ak 47 from redneck rampage



Slade3 is indeed the tool to use at the onset, for lump management.

However, it is more than just switching the sprites, unless you want to reuse the attack features of the pistol.


You can download a fully functional AK47 from Realm667's Armory Repository. Download the file and unzip it. Then open both, your map and AK47.wad, with Slade3. Highlight every lump in AK47.wad and copy/paste them into your map at the very end of the lumps, for instance:




After copying the lumps into your map, open the text lump DECORATE and give the actor a DoomED number, a number which is not already in use by any other actor,  for instance:




Save the map.


Now, you can stay with Slade3 and place the AK47 using the map editor build into Slade3 or close Slade3 and open another map editor (DB2, DBX, GZDB, GZDBBF, Eureka, etc) and place the AK47 actor into your map with that.


Again, save the map.

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