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Need a front end to handle wads ???

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Windows 7 HP x64


Ok, I'm new to this source port thing.  I have 3 (paid for) CDs from long ago.  They are...

Doom II ...(shows up as Doom 95 when installed)

The Ultimate Doom

...and the third CD (1600 wads) is shown in the picture below.


I'm currently using ZDoom, with the wads:  Doom2, Doom, Plutonia, TNT.  Everything works fine.  What I believe I need is some kind of launcher (front end?), so I can access and play all those other wads on the 3rd CD.  I tried just dropping one on the Zdoom.exe, tried dropping one in the ZDoom folder, neither worked.  The regular Doom 95 launcher has no trouble "browsing" for wads, but I see no way to do this in ZDoom.


So far out of all the source ports, I'm most comfortable with ZDoom, so I'd like to stay with that if possible.  Any help for finding a simple way to play all these other wads would be much appreciated.








Btw, I have no idea what this DEICE.exe is, but when I try to "run" it...  it says not compatible with the version of Windows I'm running...  etc.



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DEICE is an installer/unpacker program for DOS. You cannot run it on 64-bit Windows. AFAIK, you should be able to simply "drag and drop" the WAD into ZDOOM and have it launch it. Maybe move it off the CD and onto a folder on your hard drive first?

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Drag and drop individual wad files, not entire directories. Not a good idea to load all of Maximum Doom at once!



Anyways, there are a bunch of frontends and this list is far from being exhaustive.

ZDL is the classic. A minimalist interface, simple and functional.

Doom Launcher has plenty of bells and whistles, if you prefer that.

Rocket Launcher has the most clever name, though that name was too good not to be used also by unrelated software for other things.


You'll probably be happy with one of these.

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Well, ended up using ZDL  Didn't have instructions with it...  so it took a bit to figure it out.

Not sure if needed, but I extracted ZDL to a folder, and then put that folder in the ZDoom folder.

Then I put the 2 folders DOOM WADS and DOOM 2 WADS in the ZDL folder.


Seems to work.

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