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Naked Snake

Don's Challenge 5

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(note to the readers : to those of you who have played Don's Challenge, you will notice I used weapons, enemies, events and other stuff not found in Don's Challenge in my story. Why? Because I wanted to :). Also note that in the note Don reads there are mistakes. This is intentional.)

I woke up feeling like a million bucks. Most, if not all, of my wounds had healed, my body was relaxed and I just plain felt great. I strapped on my weapons and was going to proceed out the door of the First Aid Station when I realized I had not checked the cabinets or the closet. I decided to check the closet first. No good, it was locked, but the door looked weak. I gave it a nice swift kick and the door swung open. The smell hit me in an instant. Somebody had died in here. I stepped in to find a corpse, cluting a note and what looked to be a weapon. I picked up the note and the other thing and began to read.

"To whoever gets this :

We dunno what the fuck is going on. First the squads were sent to the top floor and all civileans were ordered to get to the bottum floor. Then all hell broke lose. Monsters came from everywhere! I quickle modifyed this bugspray canister to make it into a makeshift flamethrower. The spray itself is acidic, but flameable! Just light the lighter on the nozle and spray! Instent flames! I hope whoever finds this can due something with it!


I dropped the note and clutched the "makeshift flamethrower" in my hands. Aside from the zombies, I didn't think there were any humans on the base. I clicked the child-lock on the canister on and put it in my belt. Time to kick some ass.

I checked the cabinets and found some Methanphetamines (you know, speed?). I put the bottle in my pocket. Sadly, it was time to leave the the first aid station. I walked out and was nervous. I hadn't checked out the rest of this floor yet and I didn't know what was lurking about. I took out the shotgun and headed to the left. I saw a huge room, some barrels and some zombies. I killed the two zombies I saw and went in the room. Just around this large wall was a red keycard! I picked it up and suddenly, walls in the room slid up! There were shotgunners inside. Some carried shotguns like mine, but a few had double barrel shotguns! Acting quick, I shot two quick bursts from my shotgun. One zombie down, the other was wounded. I fired another shot and finally I put it down. Another zombie rounded the corner and fired at me. His aim was shit but not that bad. He hit a barrel I was standing near. I was knocked a bit by the explosion but I managed to fire a shell right into its damn face. The shotgun was empty! I decided this was a matter to be solved with a little fire. I whipped out that Bugspray Flamethrower and waited for the next zombie. The flame on the lighter had just started when it rounded the corner. I pumped and flames spewed from the nozzle of the canister. The zombie dropped its double barrel shotgun and started running around, waving its arms wildly. It fell and cooked a bit. I grabbed the D.B.S. and scounged the corpses. I found a backdraw holster for the D.B.S., so I slid it there. I whipped out my dual pistols and headed out.

I went to the right side again, ignoring the First Aid Station. Instead, I walked up to the red door. I slid the keycard in the panel, the door made a chirp and the door opened up. I walked forth, went around the corner and noticed a pathway. There was a broken railing around a slimepit to keep people from falling. What happened to be right near the broken railing? That blue keycard! I quickly walked over to it and scooped it up. I held it up to my face and grinned. I turned just in time to see it headed for me. One of those pink things that was hard to see. It rammed its shoulder into me and sent me over the railing into the slime!

The slime didn't hurt as much as one would expect. I noticed a pathway so I swimmed forward and found myself in a room. I slid myself up onto dry land. Found me some medkits, a radiation suit and another bottle of speed. I put the bottle of speed in my pocket, used the medkits and slid the toxin suit on. I dredged through the slime towards another pathway. On the walkway I found some goodies! A grenade launcher, seemed to be a strange, new type, one with a pump action, some grenades and a yellow keycard. I slipped the toxin suit off and collected the goodies, opened the door and headed to that damned blue key door that forced me deeper into the facility.

I got back to the damn door and slid the keycard in. On the other side was a zombie, holding an Infantry Rifle with a bayonet. His back was turned to me. I raised my .357 and blasted him in the back of the head. I nabbed yet another weapon. The corpse had another backdraw holster that appeared to have been made with that rifle in mind. I was getting to many weapons! I walked down the path, turned, walked straight, turned walked down another path and approached a door. I opened it to find two zombies on the other side. They roared but I noticed something. There was a barrel in between them. I fired and the explosion killed the two undead beasts. I looked around the room and noticed two windows. One had bulletproof glass the other was just an opening in the wall. I jumped through this opening and found a switch. I figured why the hell not and flicked the switch. I heard a whir behind me. Must have opened a secret door. I walked around the corner to see a brown spikey thing. It hissed and tossed a fireball at me. I dived to the side and the fireball went over my head and scorched the wall. I fired my .357 at it. I emptied the weapon on the thing, killing it. I got up, reloaded and decided to check that secret door....

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