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haruko haruhara

Whats your favorite invasion wad

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Invasion is a game mode that is so underrated that it is awesome but the problem is when someone host a server of it it just crash's for no reason

This is probably why people don't like invasion anymore because of it

My favorite invasion wads are


Armageddon invasion 1

Armageddon invasion 2 

Invasion unleashed

Invasion unleashed legion of sin

Futur war invasion

Chaos from hell invasion

Complex doom invasion

Turok invasion

Delta alpha invasion

Boss battles

Beast incarnation invasion

Zero invasion 

Satan's comvent invasion


I love all of those witch one you like



Edited by haruko haruhara

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You basically listed all of the existing invasion wads, you are only missing zero invasion and satan's covenant.

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Invasion UAC hands down, when I still used zdaemon to play it. 

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I guess by a slight tangent we're missing Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos. 


EDIT: Hah! Beaten to the point by DRM by mere seconds.

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My favorite one is futur war invasion

Because it is so cool when you select a item it usually will say things like reenforcement enbound or ims gun on the way blood did a awesome job on that project plus the monsters to 

Are great  and I love how blood used serious Sam music and Castle Crashers music for the bosses very nice hands down one of the best invasion wads ever made but it needs lag fixing as well

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Shotgun Frenzy, I used to play it whenever I saw an active server running it. My favorite part was earning coins to get stronger equipment.

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