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Any Dsflame Ideas?

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I was mentioning the Flame bringer saying I-no-ee-kus, and Thou-ku-fous, or even Ko-ma-kas-whos-ma-na-na-kas-has

Edited by RonLivingston

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The flamebringer voices were literally throwaways I edited that I was initially going to use somewhere else. It wouldn't make much sense at this point for em to stay, especially when the next "vile" doesn't even have a mouth. 

And an excuse to kick my own ass in-game. =P

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Hi, I split out the earlier discussion about Bratish's sounds mod since none of that material is now usable. I encourage the continued search for new and better sound effects though - freesound.org is a good source but any source material does need to be CC-0 licensed.

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