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Wads from the CompuServe Action Games Forum

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Some years ago, the CompuServe Action Games Forum was one of the main sites for Doom stuff. Lots of good wads were posted there. Many of these wads are not in the standard archives.

I recently stumbled upon Jim Flynn's (he was an Ass't Sysop) web site (http://home.pacbell.net/jflynn), where his wads can be found (Mines of Titan and Enigma were of especial interest to me, and I highly recommend them).

Anyway, does anyone know whether the Action Games Forum file libraries are archived/available anywhere, or if there is anyone who would have kept a back-up copy of them? There were so many good wads there that it would be a great shame if they were lost forever.

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I imagine there are dozens, but I don't recall many names. The Forum was most active around 1994-1996. The ones that particularly stuck in my mind were Mayberry's Perdition's Gate (which as you know I found on a slightly obscure website), the Jim Flynn wads (which I found at his personal site) and:
1) CIC.WAD (City in Chaos). I have the wad, but not the textfile, so obviously can't redistribute it. A single map, but really excellent.
2) The Gathering (expanded Doom II version). I found only an earlier version for Ultimate Doom in the standard archives. The extra maps in the Doom II version were really kick-ass.

I'm sure there was other good stuff too, but without being able to browse through it, it's hard to be specific.

I downloaded a lot of these wads at the time, but had a hard-disk problem in 1997, and a back-up Jaz disk got corrupted too. That's why I now have only bits and pieces (such as CIC.WAD without the text or zip).

EDIT: I've remembered a few more. There was a series of wads/level sets with names starting ABO: ABOOCEAN, ABOOSORD, and something along the lines of System Vices (ABOOSYSV). ABOOCEAN was cute: it was set on a tropical island; the zombies wore shorts, and there were copious ice stocks underground.

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Well, if you know of any, and the author allows redistribution, you can upload them to idgames.

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