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USQC Friday night Survival #3 Zone 300 8/9/19 8PM CST ZDaemon!

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Hello everyone I am pleased to announce we will be having our first Survival event on ZDaemon on 8/9/19 at 8PM CST. We will be playing the first 16 levels of Zone 300. This event will be very similar to TNS so expect all the crazy skins, sound effects, and music as well as multiple rounds of play, such as normal, pain, and total randomization. We have been playing Survival every Friday but I have not been as good about getting the word out as I have with WNDM but expect going forward to see the forum posts ahead of time. I hope to see you there and hope for Friday night Survival to become an awesome weekly event here in NA! https://discord.gg/z8VxVs8

Server details


[USQC] Friday Night Survival - Zone 300
Server will be started 10 minutes prior to event start time.

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