I decided to try making a map and this is what I came up with. UAC facility kinda thing featuring a hellish area. It's a short and simple map, but I wanted to try and focus on getting a little bit done right rather than a lot done poorly. Built with Doom Builder 2, and tested with GZDoom, because DB2 and PRBoom+ didn't like talking to each other for some reason. That said, I tried to make it Boom compatible and I had no issues getting it running in PRBoom+, outside of the DB2 testing mode. I used cc4-tex.wad for textures, so credit to the authors of that lovely texture pack.   I tried to make it challenging for myself on UV, but I'm not that great a player so I'm sure some of you will breeze through this. If you find it too hard on UV, there is full difficulty implementation and I even went as far as to take coop into account. Most of this map was just a means to familiarise myself with the tools of map making, but I want to hear what you guys think. Is the look good, difficulty settings balanced well, monster placement okay? Any feedback I get for this map I want to take into future attempts at mapping.   Map is unnamed at the moment, but I plan on making a set of maps and I'll include this with them, hopefully with a name by then. Still getting the hang of this, so I hope I did everything right and the map plays on your end.     olio.zip   Screenshots:             Edits: - messed up the screenshots
- reuploaded with the switch fix, ketmar pointed out, plus a little info.txt which includes credits, map maker/source ports used and a little blurb by me. - reuploaded with the other switch fix. Pretty sure I got them all now -_-