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door-closing sound plays, even when door is already closed (repeatable walkover trigger)


Hello all,
I am making a map for Doom 1 (replaces E1M1) and testing in Crispy Doom 5.5.2. I created a fast door that opens and closes via repeatable walkover triggers (106 - WR Door Open Stay (fast) and 107 - WR Door Close Stay (fast)). The door opens and closes fine, but I noticed that in Crispy Doom, the door closing sounds will play when the player crosses the closing trigger lines, even if the door is already closed. This does not happen when testing in GZDoom Is this an old Doom quirk that I just forgot about, or am I doing something wrong? It seems weird that it's only doing it for the door closing sounds, not the opening sounds.


See the attached wad for examples of the problem. The circular "door" in the middle of the room is the effect I'm trying to create. The normal-looking door in the east wall is just a check to make sure the problem doesn't have anything to do with the shapes I was making. Walk over the light/dark areas to trigger the doors and sounds.


I tried searching but couldn't find any existing discussions about this issue. Any advice or workarounds?


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As far as I know this is a problem also in Doom legacy, so probably it is a bug of the original engine (that ZDoom had corrected). I don't know a good way to fix the problem itself, but there are some workarounds that you can use.


1. The simplest one is to place your trigger line far from the door, so that the sound is not heard by the player. This, of course, means changing your room accordingly and probably is not a good solution.


2. You can raise the floor instead of closing the door again. Now, if you are mapping in Boom/Doom2 format you have to give up the idea of the standard door (you can use bars) because you have to firstly lower the floor and then raise it again (so the door will move to the floor and not to the ceiling, the choice is up to you). Just to be clear: you have to build a wall that lowers to allow the player to enter the room and that raises to lock the player in once he is where you want him to be.

Building such a structure will solve your problem because the engine will not play the door sound, having that there is no door action involved.

If you are mapping in doom-in-hexen format you can have the illusion of a perfect door thanks to the actions "ceiling lower by value" and "ceiling raise by value" that will perfectly simulate the behaviour of a door without playing the sounds.


3. You can totally delete the door and use a dropoff for example. The player is able to enter but not to exit as lons as he doesn't find another way to the previous zone.

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