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Contreversy, Does it still work in the modern age?

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So hi i am new to the community and i was wondering of some of these controversial games still hold water in new times, What difference does it make nowadays to make offensive stuff. DOOM was a massive spin for the world when it came out, so how have we moved on in the modern times? are we more accepting of controversial stuff? (had the idea due to replaying Postal)

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Well, we have a way of freaking out over stuff for a year or so (depending) then simply accepting it. It’s pretty much how it went with Mortal Kombat and Doom, or anything “outrageous”.


When it was new, people flipped their shit and parents were trying to convince the world South Park, or Doom, or Beavis and Butthead, or whatever else was responsible for the fact that their kids acted like monsters - it was scapegoating, anything to avoid placing the blame where it really belongs, on the parents.


Games that were controversial but still good aside from that - Doom, MK, etc - stood the test of time. Games that were deliberately controversial, but sucked as games, have obviously been remembered just for how crap they are, or have been forgotten altogether.


”Controversy” is usually the result of culture trying to outgrow its older, more antiquated skin. People fear change, they throw a fit when something different shows up, then it becomes old news and everyone stops caring. Anyone with a brain knows to ignore the pearl-clutchers.

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Posted (edited)

Games continue to cause controversies regularly. Some of it is purely artificial (like when the latest mass shooting in the USA is blamed on video games, because the USA are the only country in the developed world where violent video games are played, obviously), some of it is stupid moral panic (like the whole Hot Coffee thing, man that was 15 years ago already). The recent real controversies on video games have been about the whole gambling thing: lootboxes, microtransactions, kids emptying their parents' bank accounts for virtual bits and bobs:





More generally, controversies do keep on working well in this modern age; if anything with the increased polarization of society thanks to social networks algorithmically giving people an echo-chamber of like-minded people to exchange with, they're only amplifying and getting more extreme.

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I mean we went from cartoon cars running over 10 pixel people freaking out the entire population to a game where you use your bare hands to rip realistic satanic creatures into chunks being barely controversial within the span of 40 years.

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