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Make player weapon melee attack knock upward?


Been searching Zdoom wiki decorate reference and this forum and not having any luck.


Since the early days of DeHackEd you could give the Arch-Vile attack without all the fire to a monster as a melee attack and it actually reduces the damage it does to something reasonable.   Not sure if it still has any of its small blast radius.  Don't think it does.   So you could always make uppercutting monsters no problem.


I want to give this as a melee player weapon or custom punch.    Unfortunately I can't see anyway to put in a upward or other angle value, in A_CustomPunch(20*random(3, 10), TRUE, 0, "HammerPuff", 96) or whatever.


Only other possible work around I can think of, is to make an attack spawn something on its target that then does Vile attack and disappears.   Such taking the Hexen mage lightning attack, make it hit melee while the spawned lightning is made super quick/instant, invisible, silent, and to do the Vile attack.


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