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Full conversions

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Map editing is one thing but a full conversion is another. I'd like to spend some time converting the game, swapping out sprites, weapons, enemies etc and make new maps for that.

So with that said, I'd like some advice on where to begin with this, what tools do I need, are there any videos / tutorials to help speed along the process? 


Any and all help is appreciated :) 

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You'll need experience and help. I suggest asking here in Forums, reading tutorials, and asking around some DOOM discord servers too.
Youtube has videos for the most basic of editing tutorials, but I haven't found any that thoroughly explain how to do a TC.

Here are the links to the tools you need for a TC:
Slade 3 (A WAD editor):
Whacked (A Dehacked editor):
GZDoom Builder (A Map editor. You can use other map editors as well):


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This is great!


I plan on immersing myself as much as possible in the world of DOOM and mods. From map making to full conversions. I want to learn and look forward to picking the brains of this community :) 

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The things I use for TC's are doombuilder, Slade, gimp (for creating graphics), and Ableton live for sound. I'm sure there's free audio editors out there but I don't have experience with them. I recommend opening TCs in Slade and see how a .wad is structured.


If you're making a zdoom mod then I recommend using the zdoom wiki for learning decorate and other data lumps.

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