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Beaten Sigil & Review

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Posted (edited)

Well.. I did it, didn't think it was possible with this severe room spinning motion sickness.  I just ignored it and tried the sigil wad today and completed all levels on the easiest setting (ITYTD)


E5M1 - I died here alot, it was already confusing from the start.  I kept with it and just found the exit by shooting secret one eyed signs.

E5M2 - I died here alot, always falling down to the lava and geting burned.  This one took a long time.. but I gave it some time and then I found the exit.

E5M3 - I died here alot, this one was hard because you have to walk on edges somewhere during the map around imps in cages to get to the exit.

E5M4 - I died here the most, this map took me a long time to beat.. the crushing ceiling stuff slowed me down alot and I almost quit. 

E5M5 - This level took the longest... I wen't all over the place even outside the level to find keys, kept with it and finally.. FINALLY found the exit.

E5M6 - Don't think I died here... going to multiple portals then found the exit.

E5M7 - Don't think I died here.. this map was a breeze on ITYTD setting.

E5M8 - VERY confusing map... only got to fought the mastermind because its on easy.   But I beat it!


Didn't try the secret level E5M9 yet, but I completed the others if that counts??


I like the general music midi set on this wad, It helped me realax.


Source Port Used  - ZDOOM 2.6.1 


GG.... Screenshot_Doom_20190812_200735.png.45e0087819d3ca6b82845f4a71ef3718.png




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If you could beat Sigil despite experiencing severe motion sickness, that's actually quite remarkable. My older sister once tried to play an old N64 first-person shooter back in the good old days and got dizzy just minutes after starting, she never tried again. Of course, she's never been that much into videogames to begin with. I can only imagine how terrible it feels to play feeling like the whole place is moving around.


Anyways, congrats! I liked Sigil too :)

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Posted (edited)

2 Months ago it took me a month to recover, don't know how long after this one.


Classic doom, it's from the 90s.. and thats where all my childhood games/arcade games where created.  This one was worth it because I played it when i was 6-7 and ran out the house in fear.


I'm glad to have finished 1,2,3,4,5 in Ultimate DOOM, I feel like I accomplished alot.


I'm now a doom vet and can wear a DOOM shirt if I wan't to. :D




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Good work, all odds were against you and you still persevered and beaton Sigil.

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I still haven't played it in its entirety, I only quickly tried one of it's levels in one of ZDaemon's servers.

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