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What is your hobby?

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Streaming has become my main hobby ever since I first started, because I enjoy the activity, even though I am a pretty "meh" player otherwise and I sometimes lose myself in maps, even for extended periods of time.

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Besides mapping and gaming, I have interest in:

Drawing(still learning basics)

Spending my time in nature and silence

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I love Dungeons & Dragons, horror movies, and video games. Especially Doom. Obviously. I mean, here's an actual conversation between me and my girlfriend:
GF: "What's going on in Doom?"

Me: "What makes you think I'm playing Doom?"

GF: "You're you."

Me: "Yeah, you know me too well."

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Exercise, art, creativity, getting remotely famous people to know me, dating. In that order. Follow those steps.

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Well obviously playing video games, but aside from that...

Tabletop gaming - I play two nights a week, currently one game of Pathfinder and one of D&D 5th ed.
Writing - My favorite constructive hobby, being an author would be my #1 dream hobby. I need to force myself to do it more, though.
Photography - I've even got expensive equipment and took a class in it, so I feel I'm pretty good at it.
Baking - I'm damn good at it, and I even was paid to do it for a while.
Singing - Had some vocal training back in 6th grade, and I've kept in practice since then. According to people I've done karaoke and played Rock Band with, I'm pretty damn good.

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From top to bottom in terms of how frequently involved I am in these hobbies:


1. Flight simulators- Grew up with these and I have a decent collection of rare and non rare sims from the 80s\90s\00s


2. Doom- Grew up with this also thanks to my father, it has also taken over my life in some cases like #1 (eg. Owning two copies of snes doom boxed and loose)


3. Furries- I both love and hate this hobby but I still stay cause I have longtime friends that ive made within it. 

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Lifting weights

Martial arts with and without weapons (currently planning on doing some of this)

Running and walking long distances

Dancing, sometimes just a little bit, sometimes for hours

Used to like swimming, but now haven't been able to go for some years

Music, listening, playing, composing

Playing games, I'd like to play more tabletop and card games, so not just computer stuff

Making games, but haven't had time or interest for this for a while now

Baking oven pancakes, but my oven is kinda broken maybe

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Drawing / Painting - I don't do enough of this. I have some training in using oils and acrylics. All my art stuff is in a corner mess that I need to sort out.

Cooking - Pretty damned good at making pizza, bread, cookies and cooking roasts and stuff.

Game Level Design - Prefer making maps for Doom but I've touched on Quake and Hexen II ages ago. Currently taking a break. It's fun to mess with that stuff, for sure. Gonna get back into it soon, I hope. Also love making textures... good stuff.

Gaming - Somebody has to kill the demons, mirelurks and those damned shamblers.

Photography - Love photography, particularly landscapes and macro photography is fascinating.

Reading - I mostly read fantasy and sci-fi.

Collecting -  I collect hockey cards but cut back on that a lot. I collect comics but haven't done much of that in years... most of my collection is Conan the Barbarian and Savage Sword of Conan and olde Heavy Metal magazines.. Music on CD is my main collection and I probably have too many now.


My dead hobbies would be...

D&D - I used to play D&D but haven't done that in many years. I'm still in the 2nd edition era. haha.

Model Building - I also used to build plastic model kits. Mostly WWII military stuff like tanks, half-tracks n various planes. For some reason little bits of plastic are more expensive than I care to pay for.

Building bicycles - Used to be fun to take scavenged parts and put together a working bike. It was one of the main things I did when I was a kid. Those days are gone tho.


One thing I would like to get into and never tried is case modding. That and painting miniature figures is pretty damned cool.

I wish I was better at writing. I've started a few stories but I have this awful habit of re-reading everything I write over and over.... and then I get nowhere.

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My favorite hobby is wood work. I like working with chainsaw as a real man. It's hard but very impulsive hobby of mine. I also like to work with different tools and now I am going to take a new chainsaw. Thanks to poulan chainsaws I have a lot of different opportunities what to buy. Here is my strange but lovely hobby. I also like collect coind and old books. Is there anyone with simillar hobbies?

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diligently warding off self-constructive habits


i used to say "gaming" but having watched people on twitch just play for hours and hours without losing focus I can safely say I'm not a gamer. just can't hack it anymore, I lose interest after the first slay the spire attempt each day. also i don't need to tell you what bored-ass unconscious gamer culture has inflicted on us lol


i've made boatloads of music and i made a videogame and i can't work out how to show it to anyone or make much money off it. even after all these years in the craft i'm still a dabbler


i love reading the first chapter of fantasy and sci-fi novels as well as books about weird communities or anti-capitalist takes on society and stuff. i'm at that intersection of impressionable and "i can do it better" so attempting to take in any great work just leaves me planning my own. and never delivering it lol


i like magic the gathering and post-punk music i guess

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I've been learning metal guitar daily for the past three months or so. Not part of any kind of band yet, but I can play rhythm on Metallica songs (and a few - very select few - Megadeth ones) at a decent level.

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Playing Games

(Re)Watching videos on Youtube

Developing the only Doom 3 BFG Edition source port that make the whole think a worthy game with mod support and adding and restoring various contents and features

Also watching stuff on Netflix

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Mapping, not just for Doom, but in Halo's forge as well.
Videos, to be honest, I haven't made a video in a bit, but I also expected to be in my new apartment already.
Music, always had an interest, but now I'm actually doing it though could still use work.
Writing, been writing a sci-fi story for almost a year, may become a game in the future, though that's not on my map at the moment.
Gaming, been playing games since I could pick up a controller, Superman 64 is still the ultimate dumpster fire of a "game".

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Doom: because doom <3

Programming: I'm trying to learn some languages, since i learned how to use decorate for doom

Writing: I've already said it again and again, My favorite hobby is writing my histories i actually have 6 notebooks with 100 pages filled with my histories :P


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Listening to Hatsune Miku vocaloid

Playing games

Playing doom 

Making YouTube videos of doom

Watching TV shows

Collecting things 

Reading manga

Watching anime

Mapping for invasion for doom

An tons of things

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Outside of DooM modding I do:


Pixel Art

Bakery (though haven't baked much as of late)

Starbound - It gets it's own slot... I play it too much @w@

Playing videogames

Go on walks a few days a week

Go to work




Watch youtube vids

Wait for Cartoon Network to release new Steven Universe episodes. (seriously if I combined all the hiatus times together I think it comes somewhere between 2-3 YEARS now).

Listen to podcasts

And finally, review WAD files.

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