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What is your hobby?

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- Swimming
- Surfing the Web and saving entire websites so i can view them offline on my laptop.

- Skating (i still have a lot to learn, and i'm on a longboard)

- Watching some cartoons (japanese ones, too. although not as much as i used to back in the mid to late 2000's)

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Aside from editing, modding, making custom characters for various games,

Martial arts...   Black belt in Bujinkan Taijutsu, Brown belt but didn't test last four of ten years in good practical oriented TKD/Shotokan/SmallCircleJujutsu+more hybrid style, Amateur Muay Thai champion belt, and red sash with black stripe in Tai Chi with practical application.   Also decent experience in Russian martlal art, modified Wing Chun/Jeet Kune Do concepts, Capoeira, and some other kung fu.  Currently doing more standard TKD again as it's the right exercise I'm used to and the black belts and master of the school are really impressive and there are some great modern innovations by TKD that were missing from the great hybrid school I did, though it should still be supplemented with other stuff.    With all my experience I had previously written off TKD as just being good to pick up some things from, but you meet the right people who are actually really good, and you learn something new, regardless of which art it is.  For a good 9 year period I barely touched video games except for Castlevania a couple times a year while usually doing 3 different arts at once, in two different areas.


I've been able to put my martial arts expertise to use designing custom fighting styles for custom characters in Mortal Kombat Armageddon, though it annoys me to no end that in all the moves available, the people who did the motion capture had no idea how to do a good standing Muay Thai style knee, despite knowing possibly more styles than me.   Well the rendition of Russian Sambo in Deadly Alliance was also awful.


My best recommendation to anyone is seek a type of Kung Fu school that also advertises Tai Chi, and do either the Kung Fu, Tai Chi, or both as the Kung Fu should be good stuff with Tai Chi benefits and the Tai Chi should be the real deal with some practical application, but major points off if there turns out to be ZERO sparring or Chi Sou, or if the Chi Sou has lost its essence and is just going through the traditional motions.  Also, I'm aware of three different types of Chi Sou of which I've trained substantially in two.   Traditional Wing Chun (only had an intro but from a good master), more freeflow modern stuff (follow and create openings while closing your own ultra naturally), and Tai Chi focused mostly on taking balance while retaining your own.   Take balance and you can defeat others at your leasure.   The term master is sometimes thrown around too much, especially in TKD (in which it's just standard for 4th degree+ to be called so).   Some have earned it and some have not.   So I use it more as referring to the headmaster of a school now.  I just recommend never calling yourself a master.


One of the best things is totally fooling around being silly and few have an idea what you're truly capable of.   And when you know enough, you can actually make goofy shit work.

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Most of my 'hobbies' are music related, but like others I wish I could make more out of it.

I took voice lessons for a few years earlier this decade, also took guitar and piano lessons but not as seriously.

One of my best friends and I jam and perform/record on rare occasion. When I do karaoke and stick to things in my bass-baritone range people react positively.

I like to record small bits of guitar/piano/vocal/garageband stuff and send them to the same 1 or 2 friends. I especially love this iOS app Music Memos that will automatically add drums/bass to most things you play/sing into it.

My musical tastes can be described as "suburban whiteboy special" and include punk, hip hop, metal, indie, and classic rock.

I have this kind of obsession with artists/bands in this space and I can spend hours at a time reading Wikipedia articles and Allmusic bios and album reviews about them.

I also don't consider myself an audiophile but I love spending money on music equipment, especially headphones and instruments, of which I own too many.  

6 hours ago, yakfak said:

i used to say "gaming" but having watched people on twitch just play for hours and hours without losing focus I can safely say I'm not a gamer. just can't hack it anymore, I lose interest after the first slay the spire attempt each day. also i don't need to tell you what bored-ass unconscious gamer culture has inflicted on us lol

Yeah I quit saying it after I was asked "you haven't played Skyrim? How can you call yourself a gamer??"

I know most video game fans aren't like that but there's enough that I want to distance myself.

Aside from Doom, there are like 4 or so games that I've put any serious time into in the past decade.

And like yakfak said, I spend much more time watching people play games. But that's changed recently as I've gotten somewhat back into playing Doom WADs and a few other games.

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I have no consistent hobbies but for the last month or so i have been making Doom maps and while i've made several maps my interest on it has become inconsistent meaning that some days (Like this whole day) i won't do any work on my maps while some days i spent several hours working on it (Like i did yesterday) but a few weeks i go i made maps and messed around with things when i ran out of things to do like watching youtube videos (Which was pretty often).


So far i've made like 3-4 finished maps and just two weeks ago or so i was working on two maps at once however since my interest has diminished im currently only working on one of the two maps which is an extended version of a map i've already finished because i considered the original version to be too short.

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- Working out at the gym

- Drumming

- Watching video essays

- Listening to podcasts

- Music production

- Gaming

- Psychedelic experiences

- Philosophical and political conversations with friends

- Learning about physics and quantum mechanics

- Taking walks

- Experimental video production

- Discovering new music

- Discovering new films and TV shows


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Other than making Doom maps, my main two loves are rock climbing and playing bass guitar.


None of these things have anything in common, so not sure what that says about me!

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DOOM 2 building, listening to KMFDM and MARILYN MANSON, playing doom, l4d2, gmod, tf2, and other games with friends, and idk talking to myself all the time XD.  

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I like collecting, reviewing and taking pictures of designer toys and build and customize Gundam models and occasionally customize action figures.

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Practicing combos/infinite combos, Bible Reading/Praying, Watching Old Classic Movies, Walking 3 Miles daily, Watching Fighting Game Tournament/Matches on youtube from other countries. 


Trying to overcome FPS motion sickness so DOOM game can be a hobby without problems or played casually when I have free time.


Listening to e1m1 in opl3 mode.


And more practicing combos/infinite combos.


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Aren't you all interesting and exciting people!


Me, sometimes I like to make a noose in my room and stare at it contemplating about life. On a cold Winters day I like to have a scorching hot shower in fetal position while nibbling on biscuits.




I have no hobbies. Beyond work and visiting family and friends I like to play video games until I'm bored of them.


If I had more time then I may take up some Doom Mapping. I want to make some Snapmaps again.

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Doom mapping and playing other people's levels

video games (PC and console) (especially games that allow for user-made levels and content)

D & D, Cyberpunk 2020 and have started getting into Gamma World/Mutant Future rpgs  (usually as a DM but the past couple of years I've just been a player and it's a nice change of pace)   (thinking of starting up a new campaign in the fall however)

Restoring my old colonial house

N scale trains now that I have a basement

and finally dicking around with game creation software (one of these days I'll go all in as I have a couple of things I want to see completed)


It's kind of funny -- my first choice for a hobby was to be trains but my parents wouldn't let me build a layout in the basement; so I ended up getting into D & D instead (which they HATED), which led to computer gaming (which they hated), which led to Doom (which they hated).   Oh well, I've had a blast getting here.    

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My hobbies include listening to music, collecting cds, playing guitar, playing old video games.


I also enjoy just driving. It doesn't matter where i'm going, simply driving is enjoyable and helps me clear my mind.

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-Making Doom maps and mods


-Working on doomshack.org, hosting multiplayer servers


-Playing guitar/drums and making MIDIs, though I don’t do this nearly enough..


-Making videos for YouTube


Random other stuff from month to month!

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Video games and music, in a nutshell. Both have been a pretty big part of my life since childhood, and they just kinda stuck over the years. I'm even studying music at the moment, and one of my biggest dreams recently has been to get to compose the soundtrack for a video game.

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Found the school gym. There's this punching bag tower. Thought to go punch it every day during the longer breaks. It was irresistible.

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I have quite a few, but the two main ones are

  • Writing of all kinds, including books, poems, and reviews.
  • Genealogy and family history work. I do a lot of research for the sites Family Search and Find a Grave, including adding records. It is quite an experience digging through old obituaries and finding the history of so many people.

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  • Music - I like listening to and composing music.  I like metal music, electric guitars, General MIDI synths, ROMplers, chiptune, etc., and have written original tracks for other people's game projects, some of them commercial.
  • Invertebrates - I study and photograph small animals such as arthropods, although currently only as a hobby rather than professionally.
  • Video games and video game merchandise - I collect big box PC games (primarily in the FPS genre) and the occasional licensed collectible (Pac-Man, Sonic, DOOM, and Duke Nukem).  I'm not too fond of many modern games though, due to microtransactions, DRM, and other nonsense.
  • Scale model kits - I have a few 1/144 fighter planes, and a couple books about fighters.  I like watching kit reviews and build logs.

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Retro gaming

Doom modding

Making music (typically house/techno)

Drinking beer

Not necessarily all at once, but sometimes. 

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My main goal in life is to do bass/EDM music, as a career. But for my hobbies, that would include:


-Doom Community Shenanigans/Making Doom WADs

-Drawing stuff and edgy crud (ala Jhonen Vasquez or any other edgelord artist)

-Collecting CDs (I haven't started yet but once I get some money I will start buying CDs)

-Gunpla Building (Again, I don't have any but once I get some it will begin)

-Computer Part Picking/Building/Etc (I haven't built a PC since 2016 but I love computer tech among other things)

-Sleeping (Trust me, my sleep paralysis is fucked beyond everything ): )

-Eating (I need to start eating less since I don't want to be fat ): )


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Shooting inanimate and occasionally animate objects. Target shooting and hunting. 

Playing videogames.

I used to draw and paint quite a bit, but once I got to the age where I needed a full time job, most of my creativity left me; which sucks. I keep meaning to start again, but it never pans out. I start something and then run out of inspiriation. 

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Pretty much just walking and photography,  which compliment each other pretty well. It's fun to go on random adventures and find new things to take pictures of. I just dumped a bunch of my decent photos to my Instagram.

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