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got any tips for doom building?


since im new to this site i was wondering of any of you people got some good doom building tips? please let me know! 

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Here's a few little tips I've learnt over the years.


1 - DOORTRAK is really the only good texture for the sides of a regular door. Other textures can work but DOORTRAK was designed for doors (obviously).


2 - LOWER-UNPEG door sides. If you don't do this, the texture will follow the door going up/down.


3 - Start small. If you're new to making maps then don't jump into a pool of mapping acid. Instead, try the kiddy pool first. If you can swim in there, go up to the medium pool!


4 - https://zdoom.org/wiki/ <--- you'll thank me once you realise the power of this wikia.


5 - Texture offsets really make or break the quality of a map. Regardless of how detailed a map is, if it's heavily miss-aligned, people WILL notice.


6 - Always specify which engine you tested with. If your mod is designed for Vanilla, people will assume any engine will work (since nearly all vanilla engine WADs work in every engine (cannot confirm)). GZDooM and engines around the ZDooM side of the spectrum have some behaviours different than the BooM side of engines.


7 - Specify which IWAD is the base. Does it use DooM, DooM II, Hexen, Heretic(Shadow of the serpent riders), Strife, etc...?


8 - Practice. Just get a feel for which ever editor you wish to use (most people stick with GZDooM Builder - Bug Fix).


9 - If anything is too confusing, don't be scared to ask for help. :)


10 - Please share your work. Even if it's awful, we want to see where you are and how to help. We're for the most part quite friendly here and will happily point out both good and bad points in a WAD... or at least I do... :P

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thanks for the advice im pretty good with doom builder 2 but i dont know everything but this will help also you can find my wads on my profile thank you.

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Posted (edited)

Not exactly a tool-tip, but have you read the Doom Builder: An Illustrated Guide?

While written for the original Doombuilder, it is still valid for current editors of the DB family.

John went to great length to make you an expert mapper!


Also, DB2 is ancient by today's software standard.
Give DoombuilderX a try, or, if you would like more editing features, GZDoom Builder - Bugfix.

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